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MetisDAO Foundation to Empower Decentralized Ecosystem Governance

Thursday, 25 May 2023 10:00


TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / May 25, 2023 / The Metis ecosystem is proud to announce the official launch of the MetisDAO Foundation, which will be responsible for facilitating collaborative workspaces for the Metis Community Builders, Commons and EcoNodes.

The MetisDAO Foundation will be supported by a team of dedicated Decentralization Coordinators (DCs). Future DCs will be nominated and voted in by all Metis EcoNodes once the automated Metis governance model is implemented, thus furthering the decentralized nature of the Metis ecosystem and the MetisDAO Foundation. The first team of six DCs was appointed by current EcoNode members to jumpstart the work on the Commons and EcoNodes collaboration and governance model, one of the DCs being Elena Sinelnikova, co-founder of CryptoChicks and MetisDAO.

"This day marks a significant milestone in our continuing journey towards building a more decentralized, efficient, and inclusive blockchain ecosystem. We have been practicing this new and novel decentralized work model over the past six months, and found efficiency and improvements in this new decentralized work structure over Metis' previous governance structure. The Foundation launch reflects our commitment to further protocol decentralization and community engagement, our readiness in terms of technical infrastructure, and the maturation of our EcoNodes. It further underpins our ongoing mission to achieve more effective decentralized governance within the Metis ecosystem," said Elena Sinelnikova, Decentralization Coordinator of the MetisDAO Foundation.

Additionally, the Foundation will provide the EcoNodes support and advice in overall branding and operation strategy, coordinate global events, workshops, and continue to host flagship MetisFest for the community. As stated in our roadmap, EcoNodes will operate as independent entities and will be required to operate within a sustained business model.

Elena added:

"With advancements from our P2P network and Verifiers Network to the upcoming Decentralized Sequencer Pool, the ecosystem is prepared for the Foundation's introduction. Every change we make is integral to our overarching goal: the establishment of a truly decentralized and vibrant Metis ecosystem, where everyone can participate and share in the ecosystem's decision making and success."

In the upcoming months, the Foundation will present the new governance model which will define the concrete steps, algorithms, and practices of how the new governance model functions in practice. This Governance Blue Paper will be accompanied with the Contribution and Reputation Power (–°RP) governance product which will foster an ecosystem where all participants are encouraged to contribute and are recognized individually. It will be supported by Governance Mining, a mechanism designed to incentivize active participation in the ecosystem's governance.

Colin Landers
[email protected]


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