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Five Years of Making a Difference: The Skeen Firm's Anniversary and Continued Growth Bringing Everyday Legal Advice to Pennsylvanians

Wednesday, 24 May 2023 00:00

The Skeen Firm, PLLC

WASHINGTON, PA / ACCESSWIRE / May 25, 2023 / Their fifth anniversary and a renewed commitment to serving clients is a testament to the fact that The Skeen Firm could easily be considered one of the most client-focused law firms in the country. Founded in 2018, the firm has quickly become known for its tireless advocacy, compassion, and commitment to achieving clients' goals. Over the past five years, The Skeen Firm has helped countless individuals, families, and businesses navigate the legal system and secure the results they deserve. And they're not stopping there.

As they enter their sixth year, The Skeen Firm is also celebrating their growth. They've expanded their team, bringing on new talent and expertise to better serve their clients. They've also expanded their areas of practice involving business, family law, estate planning, and oil and gas/energy, and taking on new cases in areas like bankruptcy and criminal defense. With this growth comes an even greater opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their clients.

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The Skeen Firm's founder, Attorney Brocton Skeen, attributes their success to their focus on providing Everyday Legal Advice and an unwavering commitment to their clients. "From day one, we've always put our clients first," he says. "We know that every case is unique and requires personalized attention, which is why we take the time to get to know each and every client on a personal level. We're here to fight for them and make sure they get the justice they deserve."

As they look to the future, The Skeen Firm is more dedicated than ever to their mission of providing Everyday Legal Advice. They know that the road ahead won't be easy, but they're up for the challenge. With five years under their belt and a growing team of experts, they're poised to make an even bigger impact in the legal world and beyond.

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Challenging the Standard Legal Approach

Law firm partners Brocton Skeen and Crystal McCune both had a long history of working in large corporate professional environments. In non-legal roles, they found the communication between the legal departments and outside counsel overly complex. This led them to the realization that there had to be a better way for lawyers to interact with clients. This awareness landed itself as the foundation for The Skeen Firm's revolutionary approach to client interactions - Everyday Legal Advice. Far removed from the disconnected, jargon-filled, and confusing corporate take, this method is a laid-back and relaxed, yet high-quality approach that promotes trust between the firm and the client, rather than a reliance on transactions.

"Broc and I are real, approachable people and members of the community. We want our clients to be impressed with our thoughtful advice, positive outcomes, and excellent results - not complicated language, fancy offices, or billboard advertisements," said Crystal. The Skeen Firm takes a holistic advisory role in all practice areas.

The Skeen Firm stands by the belief that the best legal advice is based on understanding the client's entire situation and then being able to provide for their full legal needs. The firm has the experience and expertise to provide advice in a range of practice areas, from entity structuring to estate planning and family law.


The Complete Client

"Small businesses and family businesses are the backbone of our economy," says Broc, the firm's founder. "It is essential that they have access to straightforward legal advice in plain English from lawyers who are easily accessible to them. In order to provide the best advice and reduce risk, we take a holistic approach when dealing with a client's legal needs, understanding not just the current transaction or matter, but also taking into consideration The Complete Client."

This approach has been the foundation for The Skeen Firm's philosophy and success. By providing quality advice in a straightforward manner and taking the time to consider the client's overall needs, The Skeen Firm has been able to build ties of trust with its clients. The firm has been able to help clients by providing them with legal advice that is clear and easy to understand, without unnecessary lingo or confusion. This has allowed the firm to become an invaluable resource for small and family businesses.

A perfect example of this integrated practice is a business franchisee client that Broc worked with. Broc was able to recognize that the client needed more than just entity structuring advice and customized a succession plan that took into account the business and the family estate plan. On a family law matter that unexpectedly involved criminal charges, Crystal anticipated a custody matter and was able to manage it with expedited guardianship documents. This type of foresight and understanding of the client's full needs is what sets The Skeen Firm apart, making them a leader in providing the best Everyday Legal Advice.

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Meet the Clients Where They Are

Unlike many lawyers, The Skeen Firm wants to make clients feel comfortable. They are happy to travel and meet in the client's home or place of business, and they are flexible and creative when it comes to fees. Broc does his best to charge a flat fee for business legal matters, creating clarity, predictability, and certainty for smaller businesses from a budgeting and forecasting perspective. Crystal, on the other hand, is crafting a revised fee schedule for family law matters, considering a client's entire financial situation. The firm strives to take a balanced approach to fees, allowing them to build trust and maintain a long-term relationship with its clients. Rather than simply seeking a one-time transaction, The Skeen Firm values its relationship with its clients and works to ensure its clients have the best representation possible. They understand that sometimes the best course of action is to reduce fees to make sure the client is taken care of and is comfortable with the legal process.

Community and Respect

You know you have the respect of your community when even an opposing party in a highly contentious family law case provides a referral. This is precisely what happened when a litigant referred a friend to Crystal, and this speaks volumes about The Skeen Firm's ethos and its commitment to client satisfaction. As does the story of Broc's client who had worked with another lawyer to close a business sale. Now a client of The Skeen Firm, he was able to articulate the core difference between the two experiences: Broc listened and fully explained the process, not just the "how", but the "why". Yes, the other lawyer had done the work and filed the correct papers, but the client never felt like they had a complete understanding of the process. Broc and Crystal's Everyday Legal Advice approach and caring nature made such an impression that the client moved all his follow-on business to The Skeen Firm.

The firm's commitment to client satisfaction and providing the best legal advice goes far beyond its clients. They are proud to have a longstanding relationship with HEARTH, a Pittsburgh area not-for-profit that provides transitional housing services for displaced mothers. Broc is also honored to serve on the Board of Directors of this worthy organization. The Skeen Firm's commitment to providing excellent legal advice and service to its clients, as well as its dedication to the community, are both exemplary.

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Broc and Crystal can be reached at (724) 249-2439 and [email protected]

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