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Phinite and Wilson Chemical Solutions Partner to Bring Disruptive Biofertilizer to Market

Thursday, 18 May 2023 12:45 PM

Wilson Chemical Solutions

The breakthrough process turns sludge into odorless fertilizer with numerous benefits to farmers.

RENSSELAER, IN / ACCESSWIRE / May 18, 2023 / Southeast-based Phinite has developed a revolutionary technology that transforms manure into a regenerative biofertilizer. This certified organic product works better than synthetic fertilizer, helping animal farms improve profitability and eliminate complex waste disposal problems, and farms improve soil health.

Phinite and Wilson Chemical Solutions
Phinite and Wilson Chemical Solutions
Phinite and Wilson Chemical Solutions Partner to Bring Disruptive Biofertilizer to Market.

To bring this game-changing technology to market, Phinite is partnering with Wilson Chemical Solutions, a leading distributor of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial and agricultural chemicals and fertilizers throughout North America and Canada.

"We are thrilled to partner with Wilson Chemical Solutions to bring our breakthrough technology to farmers across the country," said Jordan Phasey, CEO of Phinite. "Our regenerative biofertilizer has the potential to transform the agricultural industry by providing a sustainable, low-cost, and high-quality source of phosphorus. We look forward to working with Wilson Chemical Solutions to help farmers improve profitability, build soil health, and create a more sustainable future."

"Wilson Chemical Solutions' partnership with Phinite has the potential to change the world, and we're honored to be part of bringing sustainability to the agricultural industry," Keegan Wilson, President, and CEO of Wilson Chemical Solutions, said.

Phinite's product solves the global problem of phosphorus depletion by creating a new source of high-quality phosphorus-one of the core elements for growing crops. This mineral is essential for crop production, and finite reserves are being depleted at an alarming rate. An inefficient global food system, growing food demand, and limited phosphorus reserves mean billions of farmers need access to renewable, efficient fertilizers.

This problem is especially acute for hog farmers, who collect and treat manure in anaerobic treatment lagoons. Phosphorus-rich solids-known in the industry as sludge- stay at the bottom. Sludge is heavy, wet, and inefficient to transport. However, environmental regulations mandate regular removal and disposal-a process that poses a logistical challenge.

Phinite's proprietary drying process uses solar energy and robotic technology to dry the sludge, creating a low-cost, low-energy product that is easily transported and blended with other materials to create a certified organic fertilizer. This product offsets greenhouse gas emissions, benefits soil content, and turns a liability (animal manure) into an asset (renewable resource fertilizer), helping farmers monetize it for a new revenue stream.

Phinite's product can help solve the phosphorus problem and simplify the fertilization process for farmers. Unlike other organic fertilizers, this product is more uniform, is easier to combine with other materials, and offers a broader spread pattern than traditional organic fertilizers-60ft compared to 15ft from conventional versions, which translates to fewer trips to the farm, resulting in lower labor costs, less fuel used to spread, and a quicker process overall.

And another benefit? Phinite's product is entirely odorless-a disruptive notion for farmers accustomed to the unpleasant smells of organic manure-based fertilizer. With an odorless product, farmers can store application equipment indoors without dealing with lingering smells and avoid complaints from adjoining property owners.

Phinite's product is designed for uncomplicated storage solutions. The odorless formula allows easier storage without the safety concerns accompanying traditional organic materials, and the material's low-moisture content allows for extended storage times without caking or clumping.

"Countries are running out of phosphorus. If we change nothing, America will run out within 20 years-reserves in Europe and Australia are already gone. It's a huge concern for farmers because phosphorus means food. We're excited to be part of the solution," Jordan Phasey, CEO and founder, said.

The product will be available in limited amounts immediately, with availability set to increase by early next year and the total capacity expected by 2029. Wilson Chemical Solutions will handle the storage, marketing, and logistics for Phinite's biofertilizer, making it more widely available to farmers nationwide.

About Phinite

Phinite is an innovator in agricultural technology, developing transformative ways to turn manure into a renewable resource and boost phosphorus availability to improve farming across the country. Led by award-winning scientist and engineer, Jordan Phasey, Phinite offers cutting-edge products to help American farmers overcome agricultural challenges and increase their bottom line. To learn more about Phinite and their revolutionary technology, visit

About Wilson Chemical Solutions

Wilson Chemical Solutions specializes in distributing hazardous and non-hazardous industrial and agricultural chemicals to North American and Canadian clients. In addition to offering cost-effective sales and supplying premium-quality chemicals, they assist clients with supply chain and inventory management services. To learn more about Wilson Chemical Solutions, visit:

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SOURCE: Wilson Chemical Solutions

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