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GBXI Advances Forward as it Signs The First Three Target Acquisitions for the GBXI Conglomerate Growth Model, Confirms Definitive Steps to Bring New Spinout Listings on OTC Markets and NASDAQ with First Acquisition Spinout Companies: Cannabis Science, Thermic Science, and XRAYMEDIA Group

Monday, 08 May 2023 09:02

GBX International Group, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 8, 2023 / GBX International Group, Inc., (OTC:GBXI) an emerging leader in international economic development, is pleased to announce it is advancing quickly as it completes the first three initial target acquisitions for the new GBXI Public Company conglomerate growth model.

It's working, as GBXI sets operations in motion for three (3) new trading symbols and approval process for OTC Markets trading as it brings on its first spinout acquisition companies; Cannabis Science, Thermic Science, and XRAYMEDIA Group. The acquisitions for the three new spinout Public Companies, provides all Shareholders to receive prorata GBXI three (3) new classes of Common Class A, B, and C shares respectively with a new trading symbol for each Company upon completed SEC and OTC Markets Approvals.

Each spinout company will give our GBXI registered shareholders additional pro-rata shares in each spinout company over and above their original shares in each entity and not dilute the GBXI common stock trading now. This provides the required shareholder base for each company required for the new class of shares to trade and gives additional shares to all our loyal GBXI shareholders.

All of these acquisitions for GBXI will add to the asset base and not dilute the main trading common shares of (OTC: GBXI), these acquisitions are focused on compounding growth for our GBXI shareholders' wealth with the new common classes designed for GBXI spinout share participation in each acquisition Company. These spinout Companies will be assigned to their New Class of non-trading shares, all GBXI shareholders will receive shares in each new class respectively on a prorata basis. The first three (3) new classes of Common Class A, B, and C shares will be used for the acquisition companies. With Cannabis Science being the first Company that GBXI will focus on to begin the application process to receive a new trading symbol for trading on the OTC Markets.

Definitive steps to bring new listings and trading on OTC Markets and NASDAQ as well as bring previous trading Companies back such as the first-priority Cannabis Science to start to trade on the OTC Markets with new trading symbols for each company respectively. GBXI pushes forward ASU/CSi-EDP "Bringing it all Together" through the American States University Digital Business HUB.

Again, this is what we call "Compounding our Shareholders' Wealth" through extra spinout share participation for all our loyal GBXI shareholders. Each registered GBXI shareholder will receive additional prorata shares of each spinout Company over and above their original shares to enjoy additional liquidity as each company begins to trade through the GBXI Digital Business HUB spinout process to the OTC markets with a new trading symbol for each respective spinout Company.

The ASU Digital Business HUB will be used as the main business student learning center. GBXI will be the main pivot point to spin out trading shares of all our Partner Public and Private Companies such as Cannabis Science, Thermic Science, XRAYMEDIA, LNC, LMG, iCannabinoid, and more Surprise Companies. No one will be missed! A true Digital Business HUB for student learning and rapid business expansions, just as planned all along ASU/CSi-EDP "Bringing it all Together".

As majority shareholder of GBXI, American States University, Cannabis Science, Thermic Science and Xraymedia respectively. Mr. Dabney and the Board have signed Shareholder and Director resolutions for GBXI to redomicile to Wyoming State. In addition, the motion was passed for the reclassification of the preferred shares to voting only. In addition, there is the addition of three (3) new classes of Common Class A, B, and C shares respectively, each will be used for the acquisition companies all three new classes to be Non-Trading and reserved for each new spinout Public Company with trading symbols for OTC Markets or NASDAQ. GBXI has completed signing agreements and resolutions for the acquisition of American States University (ASU). One of the Key members of the international ASU/CSi-EDP partnership programs focused on integrating operations of all the partners through its newly developed ASU Digital Business HUB.

No shortage of the planned upward mobility action for GBXI as Mr. Dabney ramps up the momentum right line with progressing the previously stated plans in one of the last News Releases;

"Here we go! Anyone who knows me and knows what we have been through over the past few years, knows what's coming next! It's full-on Warfare, against the Wind! We are aggressively following through with our plans to Bring ALL our Companies back trading and integrate ASU with several of our CSi-EDP Partner Companies to accomplish that goal very quickly. We will be using the full extent of our reach for this Sprint to the Finish line! All our ground-breaking advanced business and energy technologies along with our HARVARD Award Winning Economic Development & Medical Drug Development Programs all will be offered through our unique ASU University education model for growth and mass inclusion, no one will be missed!

This acquisition will enable ASU University and its CSi-EDP Partners with the tools to grow in virtually every mainstream Industry covered by the many ASU/CSi-EDP partnership Companies and programs for individual Personal development and/or Business economic development. This growth should happen quickly through its constant and flexible Scholarship and Business apprenticeship Programs modeled individually for every Community, City, State or Region for its specific and unique economic and medical needs. The goal is creating 100's or thousands of jobs worldwide to help fix our economic turmoil using all our ASU/CSi-EDP partnership Company resources in our hardest hit communities worldwide, ASU/CSi-EDP, Bringing it all Together, Here we go! Confirmed New President & CEO of GBX International Inc., Mr. Raymond C. Dabney".

With multiple Schools of Excellence, the ASU University is positioned to become an Internationally recognized leader in traditional and digital hybrid mix of Prestigious Degree and Certificate Trades Programs, wrapped in an international economic entrepreneurial bevy of jobs and choices for growth for everyone enrolled. The ASU/CSi-EDP Partnership is focused on introducing one of the largest Nationwide University Scholarships Programs offered, City by City, Coast to Coast, Scholarships for education, family, and business.

With the new Digital HUB online software integration well underway, ASU, a Hybrid University offers the "big three" mix of on-line, in-class, and on-the-job training, ready to grow all ASU/CSi-EDP Partnership companies… Entrepreneurial education, rapid deployments for distressed communities, focused on individuals, families and youths ranging from the affluent students programs right through to the distressed communities worldwide, aggressive integration and inclusion of growth.

American States University is the only TRUE Entrepreneurial University that can provide the flexibility, affordability, and accessibility to the general public needed to provide this level of education. American States University is a unique hybrid mix of online, in class and in field education. It is a unique and creative entrepreneurial educational brainchild of its Founder, President, and Chancellor, Raymond C. Dabney, coming from challenging beginnings himself with little formal education; he advanced and created many opportunities offered by this great planet and the blessed individuals willing to teach him their trade; now Mr. Dabney is giving back those same opportunities and Successes he has been Blessed with to his future students, professors, shareholders, families in need, and the general business community worldwide.

ASU will provide the financial and managerial resources needed to expand those offerings rapidly' into Communities of need and establish several new paradigms for instant non-traditional hybrid education, expanding across the country and Internationally as market conditions dictate.

School of Law;
Bachelor of Science in Law [BSL]; Juris Doctor [JD]

ASU will build its in-house legal team of Volunteers, Adjunct Professors, Full-Time Professors, Students and Apprentices Worldwide. The in-house legal team will take on cases covering a wide range of legal instances to help fix the many wrongs inhibiting our society from growing and nurture in an equal opportunity environment. ASU Law already has a few cases it is a party too already with our own CSi-EDP Partner Companies that will be at the forefront of our initial case studies and initial aggressive legal actions to fix.

School of Business;
Bachelor in Business Administration [BABA]; Masters in Business Administration [MBA]; Doctorate in Business Administration [DBA]

The North American stock exchanges will play a big role in the ASU Entrepreneurial Business offerings, bringing delisted companies back to trade, up listing Companies to higher level exchanges for ease of public trading, and brand new listed companies through IPO offerings on different level exchanges worldwide. ASU will build its Business in-house team of Volunteers, Adjunct Professors, Full-Time Professors, Students and Apprentices Worldwide based on its current ASU/CSi-EDP Partnerships, Cannabis Science Inc., Thermic Science (ENDO), LNC Technology, as well as its many Washington, DC, (GOV) centered economic development plans for international expansions and inclusions.

School of Agriculture;
Bachelor of Agriculture

ASU will build its in-house Agriculture team of Volunteers, Adjunct Professors, Full-Time Professors, Students and Apprentices Worldwide. ASU has a solid footing in Agriculture, farming, seeding, and cultivation based on its ASU/CSi-EDP Partnership programs in natural drug development using Cannabinoids derived from Industrial hemp and Cannabis plants along with a few other indigenous plants and bio-actives needed worldwide.

School of Health Science;
Science Bachelor Health Science [BHS]; Masters Health Science [MHS]

ASU will build its in-house Medical team of Volunteers, Adjunct Professors, Full-Time Professors, Students and Apprentices Worldwide. Through its ASU/CSi-EDP Partnerships the University has HARVARD Award Winning medical research and ground-breaking medical advances, patents, and new technology to introduce to the world, very exciting opportunities for ASU students to work and advance this type of Medical Success.

School of Fine Arts;

ASU will build its in-house team of Media Volunteers, Adjunct Professors, Full-Time Professors, Students and Apprentices Worldwide. LMG and other CSi-EDP Media Partnerships for Television, Motion Pictures, and Music production and International distribution.

School of Sustainability-Division of Alternative Energy;

ASU will build its in-house team of Alternative Energy Volunteers, Adjunct Professors, Full-Time Professors, Students and Apprentices Worldwide. The ASU/CSi-EDP Partnership will bring the Thermic Science (ENDO) advance technology to the table with ASU Alternative Energy students working on the ground-breaking Thermic Heating Paint products and services to complete manufacturing development and subsequent product releases to the public worldwide.

Certified Professionals & the Departments;

Department of Security
Department of Entrepreneurs
Department of Theology/Religion
Department of Technology
Department of Political Science

All of this along with over 37 Trade Skills Courses wrapped in the coveted Entrepreneurial Programs.

Pre-register now! Inspire, Dream, Change

Students, Scholarships, Apprentices, Professors, Instructors, and those who wish to teach.

About ASU

The University curriculum delivers hybrid foundational knowledge and real-world skills to immediately prepare you for your career. The University will provide real-time Digital Business HUB access for all its Students and Business Scholars, along with several new and existing partner companies for constant flow of jobs in various industries. The work is real as these Companies are already providing some of these services to the University and other Companies they will be listed in real-time as each job contract presents itself.

The ASU University Scholarship & Apprentice Project will cover most industries and will be an ongoing University Project of mass-scale to include all industries categorized and assembled with real-time Digital access. Covering Education, Food, Medical, Agriculture, High-Tech, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Transportation, Defense Security, Aerospace, Television & Media and so much more. Job creation, business consulting, partnership opportunities, personal enhancement education, including business and personal Scholarships.

Any Community, any Student, any Business, coupled with the aggressive Student Scholarship Apprentice Programs creates any job, or any company, for any Student, in any Industry, anyone that wants to join the Scholarship Apprentice Program.

Scholarship Apprentices: Mobilizing large work force groups, any Industry, any Contract, even Community Clean up, Construction, Security, full University Digital HUB Integration, Mass Job creation, Apprentice Scholarship Programs, and Family Assistance Programs. American States University believes that everyone should have an opportunity to learn and earn if they want too, so we do.

Forward Looking Statements

This Press Release includes forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Act of 1934. A statement containing words such as "anticipate," "seek," intend," "believe," "plan," "estimate," "expect," "project," or similar phrases may be deemed "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Some or all of the events or results anticipated by these forward-looking statements may not occur. Factors that could cause or contribute to such differences include the future U.S. and global economies, the impact of competition, and the Company's reliance on existing regulations regarding the use and development of cannabis-based drugs and products. The Company does not undertake any duty, nor does it intend to update the results of these forward-looking statements.

Contact Information:

American States University

GBX International Inc.

Raymond C. Dabney
President & CEO, Chancellor
[email protected]
[email protected]

SOURCE: GBX International Group, Inc.

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