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Raj Kalyandurg: How Giving Back Creates Greater Awareness of Societal Challenges

Wednesday, 03 May 2023 12:00

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 3, 2023 / In the modern globalized era, it has become more important than ever to comprehend the issues and challenges affecting our communities, both locally and globally. Despite the abundance of information accessible via the internet, social media, and round-the-clock news cycles, it's easy to feel disengaged and overwhelmed by the world around us. Nevertheless, one effective way to stay informed and connected is by volunteering.

"Volunteering has given me a new appreciation for the challenges that people in my community face," says Raj Kalyandurg, a private wealth advisor based in Dallas who serves on several nonprofits. "It's a humbling experience that has opened my eyes to the world around me."

Volunteering exposes you to diverse cultures and perspectives. "Through volunteering, I have seen firsthand the power of individuals coming together to make a positive impact," says Raj Kalyandurg. "It's inspiring to see how much we can achieve when we work together."

While volunteering at the Salvation Army, Raj Kalyandurg observed firsthand how homelessness impacts all aspects of a family. "It was eye-opening to see how homelessness affects every member of a family, from children missing school to the difficulties families encounter in accessing necessities like food, clothing, shelter, and other financial needs, as well as emotional needs. While I was always aware of the struggles faced by others, these experiences gave me greater insights on the diversity of tools and programs that are needed to support unhoused families" he says.

While volunteering is often a local effort, it also helps create interest and connection to larger, global issues.

"Financial literacy is a fundamental right and necessity for everyone, and while there is an immense need to enhance it here at home, we cannot overlook how the lack of financial literacy impacts families and communities in all corners of the world," says Raj Kalyandurg.

According to a recent report by the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center, financial literacy is a significant issue worldwide. The report states that only 33% of adults worldwide are financially literate, with significant variations across countries and regions.

"By partnering with organizations like Pratham, we can help make a real difference in people's lives by educating India's youth with innovative and outcome-driven programs," Raj Kalyandurg adds. Pratham is a nonprofit that strives to enhance education for underprivileged children in India, where only 24% of adults are financially literate.

Lastly, volunteering can inspire others to become involved. "Giving back is not only a responsibility, but it's also an opportunity," says Raj Kalyandurg. "It's a chance to make a meaningful difference in someone's life and to learn and grow as a person." His commitment to giving back has had a ripple effect that has spread throughout his community.

"By sharing our volunteer experiences and encouraging others to participate, we can raise awareness and build a community of people committed to making a positive impact," Raj Kalyandurg says.


Andrew Mitchell
[email protected]

SOURCE: Cambridge Global

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