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iTolerance, Inc. Announces Issuance of U.S. Patent Covering Proprietary Regenerative SA-FasL Microgel Technology, iTOL-100

Thursday, 20 April 2023 11:00

iTolerance, Inc.

Company leveraging iTOL-100 to advance a pipeline of programs that have the potential to cure diseases, such as Type 1 Diabetes, without the need for life-long immunosuppression

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 20, 2023 / iTolerance, Inc. ("iTolerance" or the "Company"), an early-stage regenerative medicine company developing technologies to enable tissue, organoid or cell therapy without the need for life-long immunosuppression, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued patent no. 11,602,547 entitled "FasL-Engineered Biomaterials with Immunomodulatory Function" covering its regenerative SA-FasL microgel immunomodulatory technology, iTOL-100, for preventing or reducing the risks of rejection of cellular or tissue grafts and/or the treatment of autoimmune disorders such as Type 1 Diabetes.

The U.S. patent claims FasL-hydrogels themselves, and covers the methods of making the hydrogels, and methods of using the hydrogels to induce immune tolerance and to treat Type 1 Diabetes. The patent term extends through March 3, 2040.

Dr. Anthony Japour, Chief Executive Officer of iTolerance, commented, "The issuance of this U.S. patent represents an important component of our overall IP strategy for our potentially transformative technology. Our focus and priorities remain on the advancement of our lead program, iTOL-102, for the treatment of Type 1 Diabetes towards an FDA IND submission and Health Canada CTX submission, as well as potential submissions in other regulatory regions around the world."

iTolerance's iTOL-100 immunomodulatory technology is a biotechnology-derived Streptavidin-FasL fusion protein, a synthetic form of the naturally occurring protein FasL, mixed with a biotin-PEG microgel (SA-FasL microgel) that potentially allows convenient and effective co-administration with implanted cells or organoids to induce local immune tolerance without the need for life-long immunosuppression. This proprietary technology has broad applicability and can be applied to both allogenic and stem cell-derived organoids across a number of diseases. Utilizing its iTOL-100 immunomodulatory technology, the Company is developing iTOL-102 as a potential cure for Type 1 Diabetes without the need for life-long immunosuppression. iTOL-100, which acts to generate localized immune tolerance is combined with insulin producing stem cell-derived pancreatic islets to be implanted in the body. These stem cell-derived pancreatic islets are potentially capable of secreting insulin in response to sugar intake, similar to how native pancreatic islet cells behave.

About iTolerance, Inc.

iTolerance is an early-stage privately held regenerative medicine company developing technologies to enable tissue, organoid or cell therapy without the need for life-long immunosuppression. Leveraging its proprietary biotechnology-derived Streptavidin-FasL fusion protein/biotin-PEG microgel (SA-FasL microgel) platform technology, iTOL-100, iTolerance is advancing a pipeline of programs using both allogenic pancreatic islets and stem cells that have the potential to cure diseases. The Company's lead program, iTOL-102, leverages significant advancements in stem cells to derive pancreatic islets which allows an inexhaustible supply of insulin-producing cells. Utilizing iTOL-100 to induce local immune tolerance, iTOL-102 has the potential to be a cure for Type 1 Diabetes without the need for life-long immunosuppression. Additionally, the Company is developing iTOL-201 for the treatment of liver failure by utilizing hepatocytes and iTOL-401 as a nanoparticle formulation for large organ transplants without the need for life-long immunosuppression. For more information, please visit

Forward-Looking Statements

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