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FG Merger Corp (NASDAQ:FGMC) Reports Granting Institutional-Styled Opportunity To The Retail Community

Tuesday, 18 April 2023 00:00

FG Merger Corp.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 18, 2023 / It's often touted that the stock market is accessible to everyone who can open a brokerage account. The implication is that the stock market is a level playing field and its gains are available for all.

FG Merger Corp., Monday, April 17, 2023, Press release picture

This is perhaps one of the most misleading concepts on Wall Street. On the one hand, it's true that stock market gains are not exclusive to any particular group; however, the metrics show a clear disproportion in the winners and losers in the markets. Several studies have shown retail traders have a very high likelihood of failure, while the story for hedge funds tends to favor positive returns. For example, the average hedge fund has generated positive returns every year since 2019 (excluding 2022) according to BarclayHedge.

FG Merger Corp. (NASDAQ:FGMC) provides retail investors access to a security that has historically only been available to institutions. Retail investors will be able to invest in a publicly-traded company with a unique asymmetric structure, and they'll be able to do that straight through their regular brokerage accounts!

How It Works

FG Merger Corp is a SPAC providing a structure usually only found in a Private Investment In Public Equity (PIPE) deal.

A PIPE investment is a type of private placement of securities in which a company issues stock or other securities to a select group of private investors, typically institutional investors such as private equity firms, hedge funds or mutual funds. These deals are often made by companies that are publicly traded and in need of additional capital to finance growth or other strategic initiatives. These companies may offer discounted shares or unique structures to private investors in exchange for their investment.

In the case of FG Merger Corp., upon closing of the business combination with iCoreConnect Inc. ("iCoreConnect"), FG Merger Corp. investors will receive convertible preferred stock that has a 12% coupon. This coupon may be paid in kind through the issuance of more shares of preferred stock, or paid in cash. After the first two years, the coupon must be paid in cash.

FG Merger Corp. investors will also have downside protection from the fluctuation in the stock's price for the first 12 months of their investment. The convertible preferred stock has an initial conversion price of $10.00 per share meaning one share of preferred is convertible into one share of common stock. One year from the closing of the transaction, the conversion price is reset based on the trading price of the common stock. If the company's common shares are trading up at $12, for example, the conversion price stays at $10, and the holder gets full upside. Conversely, if the stock price falls to $8 at the time of the reset in 1 year, however, then the conversion price declines to $8, and the investor loses nothing because one share of preferred stock is convertible into more than one share of common stock. The conversion price may go as far down as $2.

How To Invest In FG Merger Corp.

Retail investors can access this one-of-a-kind opportunity through the purchase of FGMC shares on the market today. This is achievable through any brokerage account with access to the Nasdaq Global Market. To participate in this structure, an investor may acquire common shares now and hold on to them through the close of the business combination. At the close of the business combination with iCoreConnect, the common stock will be automatically exchanged for convertible preferred stock.

Learn more about FG Merger Corp. here. Please see important additional information here.

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Kaia Roman, VP Strategy and Communications
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SOURCE: FG Merger Corp.

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