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Inside-Out Defense Launches with Industry's First Platform to Provide Real-Time Detection and Remediation to Privilege Access Abuse

Wednesday, 12 April 2023 08:00 AM

Inside-Out Defense

Start-Up Funded by Bain & Company Delivers Holistic Approach to Solving Privilege Access Abuse

PALO ALTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 12, 2023 / Inside-Out Defense, the cybersecurity industry's first platform to solve privilege access abuse, emerged today from stealth funded by Bain & Company to provide real-time detection and remediation to today's most prolific attack vector - privilege access abuse.

99% of all cyber breaches are due to human error, emphasizing privilege abuse through a compromised identity or malicious insider. Today's cybersecurity market is flushed with point solutions that only look for a few known privilege abuse signatures and are reactive, only detecting these abuses days to months after the event. The industry solutions focus has been focused on plugging access vulnerabilities instead of breaking the attack chains.

"Industry recognizes that privilege access abuse is at the foundation of most cyber breaches. Without the ability to see how access is used throughout the enterprise, CISOs and cybersecurity teams are blindsided by their biggest problem area," said Ravi Srivatsav, Co-Founder & CEO of Inside-Out Defense. "With today's launch of Inside-Out Defense, we are answering the enterprise's call for a holistic approach to staving off privilege access abuse, with the industry's first platform to provide access intent, real-time detection, and in-line remediation."

Inside-Out Defense is a SaaS, agentless Privilege Access Abuse detection and remediation platform that supports all environments and applications and is built for ‘Continuous Validation of Trust'™. The platform complements existing Identity Access Management (IAM), Privilege Access Management (PAM), and custom identity solutions. The platform enables the determination of the gaps between known and unknown abuse behaviors, thereby stopping privilege abuse in real-time, at scale.

"Intent is everything. Every enterprise today is a complex digital supply chain challenged by all-access coverage, failing to gauge a user's intent," said Venkat Thummisi, Co-Founder & CTO of Inside-Out Defense.

Key Features:

  • Privilege Abuse Remediation: Real-time detection of privilege access abuse behaviors and in-line remediation of malicious privilege access through a kill switch.
  • Access Intent: Customers get a 360-degree profile of malicious access requests, context, and intent, offering a real-time view of the organization's access posture.
  • Coverage Across the Entire Organization: Inside-Out Defense provides complete coverage across the organization's environments, including infrastructure (cloud & on-prem), applications (SaaS, managed, unmanaged), APIs, and human/ non-human users. It complements existing customer security tooling, including IAM, PAM, SIEM, Workflow tools, etc. Non-invasive integration with customer environments and operational within minutes.

According to Mark Settle, formerly Chief Information Officer, Okta, Inc. and currently the author of Truth from the Valley, A Practical Primer on IT Management for the Next Decade, "Many enterprise organizations struggle to maintain a comprehensive view of privilege access that has been awarded to their employees. This confusion results from the wide array of IT resources supporting daily business operations and the complex ways access can be granted, delegated, transferred, or assumed. The Inside-Out Defense solution can 'fingerprint' the use of access credentials by individual employees and suspend privileges in real time if appropriate."

Inside-Out Defense's initial customers include global Pharma, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Fintech organizations. The product solves the most challenging access abuses in the digital supply chain, saving millions of dollars due to potential breaches while eliminating the need for post-breach analysis and laborious access audits.

Founded by Ravi Srivatsav, CEO, and Venkat Thummisi, CTO, the company is funded by Bain & Company, where Ravi was formerly a partner. Before joining Bain & Company, Ravi was Chief Product & Commercial Officer at telecom giant NTT Group and Founder and CEO of ElasticBox, which powers agile application delivery on public and private clouds and was acquired by CenturyLink in July 2016. Before joining Inside-Out Defense, Venkat started his journey with cybersecurity while at MIT and was the Chief Architect & Product Manager of RSA NetWitness and Archer. He has held similar roles at Schneider and EMC, and most recently, he was the Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer at leading healthcare provider TriZetto.

Inside-Out Defense will be at the RSAC Early Stage Expo. Please visit us at Booth #11. For more information, please contact [email protected]

About Inside-Out Defense:

Inside-Out Defense is the industry's first platform to provide real-time detection and in-line remediation (via a kill switch) of privilege access abuse across the organization's perimeter, thereby stopping access abuses in their tracks. The company is funded by Bain & Company.

Media Contact:

Danielle Ostrovsky
Hi-Touch PR
Phone: 1-410-302-9459
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Inside-Out Defense

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