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Atera Expands use of Azure OpenAI Service to Empower IT Departments with Smart Ticketing

Monday, 03 April 2023 09:55 AM


New capabilities enable IT professionals to transform IT ticketing management and resolution.

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / April 3, 2023 / Atera, the cloud-based all-in-one remote monitoring and management (RMM), Helpdesk and Reporting platform for IT professionals, today announced it has expanded on its innovative integration of Azure OpenAI Service to further empower IT professionals and teams.

The original integration of the Codex model within Azure OpenAI Service and Atera's RMM platform focused on script generation; it allowed users to prompt a request, enter what they want to solve and watch the script write itself, saving IT teams countless hours that would have been otherwise spent on code creation.

With phase two, IT professionals can turn those scripts and the corresponding remediation processes into automated workflows. Once support tickets are fed into Atera , IT professionals will be able to receive a ticket summary and AI-generated text to respond to the end user that requested support if more information is required. From there, the new feature can also enable an AI-generated solution or script which will then allow IT managers to run the automation in Atera based on the suggested script. Once this is completed, the entire loop can be turned into a workflow that will run automatically whenever tickets of a similar nature are submitted, freeing up IT departments from hours - sometimes even days - of manual work.

"The quick expansion of Atera's integration of Azure OpenAI Service speaks to the market potential of our solution; the early access helped us ramp and go to market very quickly, supported by Microsoft," said Gil Pekelman, CEO and founder of Atera. "Especially in this economic climate, IT departments are faced with a critical need to do more with less. We are constantly seeking new ways to empower these professionals to fill their days with more than menial tasks and tickets. Long term, we see this driving massive potential for innovation across industries as IT teams are given the space to focus on strategic projects by automating the mundane."

Microsoft introduced Azure OpenAI Service to allow organizations to tap into the power of the world's most cutting-edge AI models backed by the enterprise capabilities of Azure. Atera was one of the few partners who accelerated quickly, going from ideation to-go-market with its Azure OpenAI Service integration in less than two weeks, while adhering to Microsoft's compliance and product-market fit requirements.

"We live in times where artificial intelligence technology transforms complex operations into simple processes. We're seeing companies use newly introduced capabilities, thanks to Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, to empower employees to handle daily tasks and challenges more efficiently. We are pleased to partner with Atera to further empower IT professionals in their daily operations with generative AI capabilities using Azure" said Avi Yoshi, VP Technology at Microsoft.

Atera's advanced platform collects roughly 60,000 data points per second about the state of any given IT environment. Its proprietary AI models use this to inform and forecast any IT problem within a given enterprise.

The expanded integration will help Atera deliver an improved IT experience to its 11,000 customers that better understands their needs on a more granular level.

Looking to the future, Atera will continue to expand upon its integration of Azure OpenAI Service with additional features and capabilities to reduce the significant burdens placed on IT departments. IT professionals will be able to solve any automation challenge -- from the mundane to the complex - in a matter of seconds instead of hours.

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About Atera

Atera is the developer of a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Helpdesk and Reporting platform, built with a dispersed workforce in mind. With more than 11,000 customers in over 105 countries, Atera's intuitive all-in-one platform offers IT professionals and businesses improved operational efficiency, seamless integrations, and end-to-end real time visibility across multiple systems at industry-disruptive pricing. Atera's platform empowers IT teams of all sizes to maximize efficiency and drive growth and improvements while transforming to a streamlined remote work environment by analyzing over 60,000 data points per second, 24/7. To learn more, visit

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