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Aventon’s New 2-Year Warranty

Wednesday, 15 March 2023 00:00


Company is promoting the quality of their products, and staying true to their mission of placing the customer at the center of everything they do.

BREA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 16, 2023 / Aventon, a California-based ebike and technology company, is excited to announce they're extending their warranty coverage for all Aventon ebike purchases. Starting March 15th, 2023, the company will now be granting customers a 2-year standard warranty with the purchase of any ebike. The new 2-year warranty will offer the same protection for riders as the previous 1-year warranty, including all manufacturer defects of the frame and components prior to assembly.

"We are excited to be offering a permanent 2-year warranty for our customers. We want to show that our product is something that consumers can trust in and have peace of mind while enjoying their bike however they ride, " says James Dieckmeyer, Director of Customer Experience at Aventon.

This new directive from Aventon demonstrates confidence in their products and a commitment to their customers by ensuring their ebikes meet the highest safety standards. All Aventon ebikes are made with the highest quality materials and components, including their batteries which are sourced from reputable brands such as LG and Samsung, and are TUV Certified in compliance with the UL 2849 standard. This means they have been put through rigorous testing, ensuring the product is safe for public sale, consumer use and that they meet the ebike battery fire safety requirements.

In addition to this standard 2-year warranty, Aventon offers customers extra coverage through Extend. This optional purchase plan is extra protection that ensures customers are covered for up to an additional 3 years on all things related to the warranty, with the addition of accident-related damages.

Aventon's dedication to enable riders to find happiness through motion is solidified with the new roll-outs in the company's electric bike line-up, their endeavors to promote safety, and the introduction of newer technologies to their bikes.

With the addition of a 2-year warranty, riders can pedal to their heart's content and rest assured knowing Aventon has their back.

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About Aventon: Aventon, based in Southern California, is one of the world's leading and innovative electric bicycle manufacturers and retailers.

In 2012, CEO J.W. Zhang was inspired to build his own brand to create accessible and high-quality bikes. With roots in performance cycling, Aventon's heritage of innovation propelled them into a bold belief that they could transition from fixed gear bikes into e-mobility, making it more enjoyable. Their goal was to create a brand that was versatile, inclusive and all-encompassing of the different types of riders that exist without sacrificing their foundational attention to precision and purposefully-built products.

Aventon exists to enable people to find happiness through motion. They believe that every ride is an opportunity for riders, in every stage of their lives, to change the way they experience the world, and in that moment feel alive. They are fully committed to prevailing in their dedication to introducing premium technologies and placing their customers' experience at the center of their world.

Ride more. Be happy.

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