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Eric Hannon Sits Down to Discuss His Journey From the United States Coast Guards to the Manufacturing Industry

Thursday, 16 March 2023 08:00

AUBURN, MA / ACCESSWIRE / March 16, 2023 / Eric Hannon is a highly successful technician currently working for a private manufacturing and engineering company. After graduating high school, Eric enrolled in the United States Coast Guard, an experience that helped prepare him for his future professional endeavors. Serving as a Machinery Technician first class with a focus on diesel engineering, Eric completed several tours overseas including, Kuwait, Bahrain, Africa, and Cuba. Now Eric uses his knowledge and expertise in a professional capacity. In a recent Industry Elites interview, he provides insight into his daily role as a technician. Throughout the conversation, he highlights some motivating factors, including what drives him to succeed.

"I have seen life from both sides. I've had more money then I knew what to do with and I've had absolutely none and was worried if I was going to make it to the next paycheck or if I had enough money to fuel my car up to get to work. I think what really drives me is that I don't ever want to be in that position again, I'm very careful with who I allow into my life and for the most part I only rely on myself. If something goes wrong it's something I can control for the most part. So what drives me for sure is I don't want to fail again."

Having served in a number of various leadership roles, Eric draws from his many experiences throughout his career as a way to keep moving forward. After working several bad jobs, Eric now works for an engineering company that provides the resources and equipment needed by larger companies to take their businesses to the next level.

When asked to provide some advice for others to be successful he answers, "Learn everything you can. Languages, culture, music, finances. The more you're aware of the better off you will be and remember that you are your best asset. If you can't do it don't rely on someone's word to do it for you. Always have your piece one step ahead of everyone and do the work yourself."

Eric reminds individuals to never stop learning. Constantly striving to be the best version of yourself is what will push you forward.

About Eric Hannon

Eric Hannon is an experienced technician based out of Auburn, Massachusetts. After graduating from a vocational highschool in 2009, Hannon enlisted in the United States Coast Guard as a Reserve Technician. He completed basic training and was asked to Join the Deployable Operations Group (D.O.G), where he served several tours overseas including Kuwait, Bahrain, Africa and Cuba. Given his experience he eventually achieved the rank of Machinery Technician First Class with a focus on diesel Engineering.

From 2016-2018 Hannon was a Lead Electro-Mechanical Technician for Vaia Technologies before accepting the role of Technician for Matec Instruments Logistical and then Class 4 Technician for Leonardo DRS. As an innovative and forward thinking individual Eric Hannon is always searching for new professional opportunities.

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Eric Hannon
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