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Marcia Tiago Launches Website

Monday, 06 March 2023 08:00

The Founder of Alaska, Inc. premieres a new digital platform from which she will publicize her ideas and share her press items.

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 6, 2023 / It is with great anticipation that Marcia Tiago, Founder of multimedia wholesaler and exporter Alaska Inc., announces that her new website is now live on the internet and ready to welcome visitors. The site, which can be found at, showcases a variety of media relating to Marcia's career, including photos, interviews, articles, and a selection of blog entries.

Among the exciting original content spotlighted in the website's debut is an in-depth interview with Marcia conducted by freelance journalist Stefan Junge on behalf of an online periodical aimed at entrepreneurs and businesspeople. In the piece, Marcia Tiago touches on a wide range of topics; everything from the strategies she's employed to develop and expand her business over the years to how she brings ideas to life. In one notable section, she explains how she manages to keep herself organized and focused on the important tasks at hand despite the many demands on her time. "I plan out my week well ahead of time, and I plan every workday out the day before. I think that planning and trying to predict your day is the best way to stay focused because when you're immersed in your daily routine, there can be a lot of little distractions. If you have something like a written list of tasks that you can revisit to remind yourself of your original focus, it helps a lot."

The new website also features the introductory entries of a blog written by Marcia herself. In it, she addresses such topics as the finer points of accounting as it pertains to small business ownership and the importance of giving back to the community through volunteer work.

In addition to all of this, the site also provides a number of ways to get in touch with Marcia over social media, whether it be to inquire about her services as a multimedia wholesaler and exporter, to ask about her experiences as an entrepreneur, or just to reach out and say hello.

Reached for comment, Marcia Tiago issued the following statement: "I'm incredibly excited that my new website is now operational. The designers did a fantastic job, and I believe it will give people the opportunity to better become acquainted with me and my company."

Marcia Tiago, Monday, March 6, 2023, Press release picture

A longtime proponent of digital media, the launch of this website represents the realization of a long-held ambition for Marcia Tiago, and she is extremely pleased with the result. The site will be updated with new content on a regular basis.

About Marcia Tiago:

Originally from Brazil, Marcia Tiago is an entrepreneur who has successfully navigated the notoriously competitive arena of American capitalism since 2005, the year she and her husband founded Alaska, Inc., a multimedia wholesaling and exporting business targeting Latin America. Marcia is also a project manager with nearly 20 years experience operating in the private sector.

A post-secondary school graduate in her home country, Marcia Tiago earned a Business Administration degree before moving to the United States, whereupon she completed a Master's degree in International Business from the University of Phoenix. In addition to running her own company, she is also currently a controller at LSK Network. In her free time, Marcia volunteers at the Just Love Foundation, a humanitarian organization that provides much-needed aid to African orphans.

Currently, Marcia resides and works in Miami, Florida.

Media Contact:

Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Marcia Tiago

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