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New York Supper Club, Something Good Hospitality, Returns to N.F.T. NYC 2023

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 6:00 PM

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 15, 2023 / Something Good Hospitality is New York's nomadic culinary experience led by Chef Raph Khutorsky, and since the company's official launch in 2022, they have secured a compelling roster of partnerships and collaborations that both enhance and compliment their Michelin-star menus. These partnerships include Lobos Tequila, King's Hawaiian, Grillo's Pickles, Mike's Hot Honey, SERHANT., among others, and last year's place at N.F.T. NYC proved that their standard of fine dining belongs anywhere that appreciates innovation, as commonly demonstrated in Web3 spaces. This year, Something Good Hospitality prepares for another exciting marathon at N.F.T. NYC, held across New York City with a handful of dynamic movers and shakers in various professions, uniting good times with even better food & beverage.

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In their short history, Something Good Hospitality has quickly developed a reputation for exceptional culinary panache paired with unique, immersive experiences, often with community and collaboration as recurring themes in their strategy. Last year, Chef Raph and the team brought elevated flavor to David Dobrik's 26th birthday celebration in Beverly Hills, complete with a live ABBA cover band and plenty of high-profile guests. Additionally, they joined forces with the SERHANT. group, New York's most inventive real estate powerhouse, for an intimate night of libations and creative zeal in one of Manhattan's most decorated lofts. Something Good's partnerships support the company's commitment to artistry and breaking the boundaries that so often surround the stuffy misconceptions of fine dining, reminding everyone that anyone can enjoy high-quality cuisine however they see fit.

In a similar vein, Something Good Hospitality is known for occupying unconventional spaces that wouldn't normally call for experiential dining, as is the case with N.F.T. NYC, a premiere festival and networking extravaganza for the world's leading figures in Web3 development. The event has been making a splash since 2018 and offers a unique experience for industry professionals and spectators alike, namely Alpha DAO, one of Something Good's most recent partnerships. Something Good Hospitality returns this year as Alpha DAO's food & beverage partner of choice, seasoning the Web3 community-movement with culinary flair. Alpha DAO is a resource for industry professionals to network and build relationships that empower and inspire tomorrow's leaders, a familiar recipe that Something Good Hospitality frequently follows with their expert cuisine. Together, these two forces will add something a little extra to N.F.T. NYC that will mobilize and excite their guests.

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Part of what makes Something Good Hospitality unique in the fine dining space is their humility and innovative approach to good food, primarily driven by Chef Raph's kaleidoscope of experiences. Chef is a familiar face at local farmer's markets in New York, known for his unwavering standard in quality and freshness when selecting his ingredients. Having spent several years learning from the seasonal enclaves of the west coast while stationed in San Francisco, Chef Raph developed a love and appreciation for locally-sourced provisions and farm-to-table relationships. This became a staple of his craft upon returning to New York, where he learned the art of handmade pasta at inventive spaces like Atera and Marea. At the Gramercy Tavern, where the cooking was largely performance-based, Chef Raph opened the shutters on fine dining to reveal a space where everyone had a seat at the table.

Similarly, Alpha DAO remains a familiar figure within web3 circuits and strives to create space that is inclusive and educational by design, inviting a sense of authenticity and accessibility into the fold. Their work in digital domains oversteps conventional models and bridges the gap between several different industries, uniting professionals across an array of mediums in collaborative creativity. Alpha DAO's partnership alongside Something Good Hospitality reflects the innovative zest that both names have become synonymous with, pairing Chef Raph's eye for quality cuisine with the dynamic evolutions of web3 initiatives.

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Something Good Hospitality continues to lead the culinary space through careful artistry and unabashed innovation, with Chef Raph as the driving force behind the company's premiere dining experiences. Their commitment to adaptability is most pronounced with partnerships such as these, and in the case of Alpha DAO, it's clear that things are just beginning to heat up in the web3 frontier.


Something Good Hospitality is a New York-based supper club that provides experiential dining across the nation. Their creative menus are led by Chef Raph Khutorsky and give a unique spin on culinary artistry and fine dining.


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