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Capd Period Wins the $40K Westly Prize for CapdCup: the First Menstrual Cup That Can Be Emptied Without Removal

Monday, 06 February 2023 01:00 PM

SANTA MONICA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 6, 2023 / Capd Period, a menstrual health company dedicated to helping women manage their periods with dignity, has won the 2023 Westly Prize by the Westly Foundation. As the recipient of the 2023 Westly Prize, Capd Period was awarded $40,000. The Westly Prize, which has funded over $1 million in grants to young social innovators over the last decade, recognizes innovative solutions to significant global challenges.

The white logo typograophic logo for Capd Period, against a soft 3D textured gradient background in a warm salmon tint.

About Capd Period

Capd Period invented CapdCup - the world's first sustainable menstrual cup that can be emptied without removal. This new menstrual cup aims to revolutionize the menstrual care industry and make periods more manageable for women everywhere.

CapdCup is made from 100% medical-grade silicone and is patent pending. The unique design of CapdCup allows women to empty their cup without having to remove it from their bodies, providing maximum comfort and convenience during their period. One CapdCup is reusable for up to 10 years, so it is an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to disposable menstrual products like sanitary pads and tampons. It's also the first menstrual cup that makes it easy for women with heavy flows to manage their periods.

Originally designed for use in regions with minimal access to clean water where traditional menstrual cups are unfeasible to use, CapdCup enables women living in period poverty (who can't access disposable menstrual products like sanitary pads and tampons) to attend school and work on their period. Capd Period is partnered with Papa's Hands, a nonprofit in Uganda that is focused on ending period poverty. Capd Period works with Papa's Hands to help educate women around the world about menstrual hygiene, period taboos, and menstrual stigma on their TikTok and Instagram. Capd Period also provides education on topics such as: how to use a menstrual cup, how to insert a menstrual cup, and how to fold a menstrual cup.

Capd Period's Mission

"At Capd Period, our mission is to help women focus on their lives instead of their periods," said Hannah Wilen, founder and CEO of Capd Period.

Neil Bhatia, co-founder and COO of Capd Period stated: "We are thrilled to introduce CapdCup, which represents a major step forward in menstrual care and provides women with a more dignified, sustainable and convenient option for managing their periods."

Get in Touch

For more information on Capd Period and to sign up for the CapdCup pre-order waitlist, please visit

Hannah Wilen, Founder
Capd Period
[email protected]

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