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Experienced Technician and Sports Fan Eric Hannon Launches Personal Blog

Friday, February 3, 2023 12:30 PM

AUBURN, MA / ACCESSWIRE / February 3, 2023 / With over a decade of industry experience, Eric Hannon is a successful technician currently residing in Auburn, Massachusetts. In an effort to educate individuals on his field, he recently launched a blog on - a platform dedicated to industry leading professionals.

Alongside his career achievements, Eric is also an avid baseball fan, and was scouted to play in the MLB in his Freshman and Sophomore years. He hopes that his blog will be an informative source for individuals interested in athletics and the technology space.

"When I was in high school I excelled in athletics and received many awards including Freshman rookie of the year in Baseball. While I eventually transitioned into another career path, I never lost my passion for the game. I am excited to continue posting regular content as it pertains to my professional career and sports."

Recent headlines include: "How Engineering Impacts Your Daily Life That You Might Take for Granted", "Eric Hannon Explains Recovery For Adults Who Still Love To Play Sports", and "How Moneyball Has Changed Baseball Forever".

"I plan to post bi-weekly content and encourage readers to start an open-conversation. Those who may be interested can access the blog here."

To learn more about Eric Hannon consider checking out his official YouTube channel.

About Eric Hannon

Eric Hannon is an experienced technician based out of Auburn, Massachusetts. After graduating from a vocational highschool in 2009, Hannon enlisted in the United States Coast Guard as a Reserve Technician. He completed basic training and was asked to Join the Deployable Operations Group (D.O.G), where he served several tours overseas including Kuwait, Bahrain, Africa and Cuba. Given his experience he eventually achieved the rank of Machinery Technician First Class with a focus on diesel Engineering.

From 2016- 2018, Hannon was a Lead Electro-Mechanical Technician for Vaia Technologies before accepting the role of Technician for Matec Instruments Logistical and then Class 4 Technician for Leonardo DRS. As an innovative and forward thinking individual Eric Hannon is always searching for new professional opportunities.

Media Contact:

Eric Hannon
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Eric Hannon

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