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Med-X Validates Nature-Cide Effectiveness on Invasive Cane Toad in Florida Field Trials

Thursday, February 2, 2023 4:15 PM
Med-X, Inc.

All-Natural Pest Control Solutions for Wildlife and Insects Receives Positive Results in Field Trials to Control Toxic Cane Toads

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 2, 2023 / Med-X, Inc., a leading innovator of all-natural green scene bio-solutions addressing the pest control, health and wellness markets, today announced successful positive results in field trials led by pest control operators in South Florida using a combination of Nature-Cide products as a repellent to manage the toxic and invasive Cane Toad species.

Cane Toads are omnivorous amphibians with large appetites that will eat nearly anything, allowing them to decimate local ecosystems. Originating from the Amazon Basin in South America, Cane Toads have been introduced to Florida, Hawaii, the Caribbean Islands, Guam, Philippines, western Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Australia. In environments into which they have been introduced, Cane Toads can inhabit urban and agricultural areas.

Cane toads are toxic to humans and most animals - including dogs and cats - throughout their lifecycle, from eggs, to tadpoles to adults. The poisoning of dogs from Cane Toads has become common in Florida and many other parts of the world. These sometimes-deadly amphibians can grow as large as 5 lbs, live more than 5 years, and have few natural predators as adults. The Cane Toad is on the Top 10 List of Invasive Species in Florida and residents are asked to euthanize them if possible.

During the field trials in South Florida, pest control operators treated properties with a combination of Nature-Cide Granular and X2 Concentrate. Previous trials have proven the combination can repel all types of pests and wildlife, including geese, deer, rabbits in different parts of the country. The new trial conducted over a period of months confirmed that the combination usage Nature-Cide products has been successful at controlling and repelling Cane Toads.

Video Link: Nature-Cide Products: How to Repel Cane Toads - Med-X CEO Matthew Mills discusses the product's effectiveness with Cane Toads, as well as with other wildlife and insect life.

"Pest control operators throughout Florida are using Nature-Cide products for all types of pests, including iguanas, various rodents and mosquito control," said Matthew Mills, Chairman and CEO of Med-X. "In one study conducted by the Journal of the Florida Mosquito Control Association, experts indicated that Nature-Cide products outperform some of the top chemical products for mosquito control in both laboratory and field studies.

"The proliferation of the invasive Cane Toad has spiked dramatically over the past several years. Many pest control companies that work to control the Cane Toad in Florida, report that it is not uncommon for to collect hundreds of toads from a single property depending on the season. Our research and field trials indicate that we have found the answer to keep these very poisonous pests at bay for extended periods, which more testing should prove. With continued trials and support, the Nature-Cide team hopes to be able to once and for all offer a solution to property owners and municipalities the chance to protect its native ecosystems from the non-native toad.

"With the ongoing registration and expansion of the Nature-Cide products into the Caribbean, Mexico, Australia, Canada and in other parts of the world, we are confident Nature-Cide can provide a safe and effective solution for all types of all-natural pest control. For decades the world has been dependent on harsh chemicals to eliminate, repel and kill pests, which has taken a major toll on ecology and basic health in people as well as all types of mammals and aquatic life. We are proving every day that by offering all-natural solutions that are effective and not harmful to ecology, there is truly a better way," concluded Mills.

About Med-X, Inc.
Med-X, Inc. is a leading innovator of all-natural green scene bio-solutions addressing the international pest control, health and wellness markets. Capitalizing on its diverse family of in-house brands to offer safe alternatives to conventional chemical and pharmaceutical products using all-natural ingredients, Med-X's comprehensive go-to-market strategy includes an integrated e-commerce, brick and mortar distributor and on-site services presence in key national markets. For more information, please visit

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