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US Air Force Contracts with Hydrosat for Space-Based Thermal Data

Thursday, February 2, 2023 9:01 AM

Innovative Geospatial Intelligence Startup secures $1.2 Million Contract through AFWERX to Provide and Develop Surface Temperature Data

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / February 2, 2023 / Hydrosat, the thermal infrared data and analytics company, announced today that it has secured a $1.2 million contract through AFWERX, the innovation arm of The Department of the United States Air Force, to adapt its surface temperature data to the mission needs of the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC). Washington, DC-based Hydrosat provides geospatial intelligence for food security, public safety, and the environment through daily surface temperature data and crop analytics. The AFWERX Direct to Phase II contract will enable NASIC to evaluate Hydrosat's technology for application across a broad range of use cases.

Hydrosat's engagement with the Air Force is to adapt its temperature anomaly detection and monitoring capabilities to broaden and enhance the space-based intelligence-gathering tools at the Air Force's disposal. The Air Force organized the contract through its AFWERX program, which seeks to foster innovation within the Air Force and more quickly integrate commercial technologies into operations. Hydrosat's contract, known as a Direct to Phase II (or D2P2), represents the Air Force's willingness to support the adaptation of Hydrosat's capabilities for intelligence gathering.

"With our Direct to Phase II award, we're able to deliver our thermal infrared remote sensing data to the National Air and Space Intelligence Center to adapt to its unique requirements and needs," said Hydrosat CEO Pieter Fossel. "Hydrosat Daily Surface Temperature data enables intelligence gathering in the thermal infrared at unparalleled data frequency and resolution."

Hydrosat engineers its surface temperature monitoring product to provide science quality data that covers a specific thermal infrared capability gap. Existing sources like NASA's MODIS and Landsat satellites collect surface temperature data in either daily intervals and low resolution or 16-day intervals and high resolution. Hydrosat's surface temperature product provides data in both daily intervals and high resolution to power use cases that benefit from higher data frequency and resolution like irrigation management and drought prediction.

NASIC and Hydrosat's partnership in the effort could aid in developing its thermal infrared satellite constellation and crop irrigation analytics tools.

With its team's growing expertise, Hydrosat is also developing a crop analytics platform, a daily surface temperature monitoring product, and a thermal infrared satellite constellation.

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AFWERX, a program office at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), connects innovators across government, industry, and academia. Through innovation and collaboration with our nation's top subject-matter experts and harnessing the power of ingenuity of internal talent, by expanding technology, talent, and transition partnerships for rapid and affordable commercial and military capability.

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About Hydrosat

Hydrosat is a geospatial data analytics company that uses thermal infrared imagery to provide unprecedented insights for commercial and government customers. The company's high-resolution, daily satellite thermal imagery delivers a unique perspective on our planet, and Hydrosat's advanced analytics convey precise crop yield forecasts and improved irrigation tools to financial and agribusiness customers around the globe.

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