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R-3 Technologies Inc. Acquires Ying Inc.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023 10:00 AM

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / January 17, 2023 / R3T Technologies is pleased to announce the acquisition of YING Inc., an advanced group skillsharing platform powered by AI and designed to unlock cultural, community, and financial capital.

Ying, which has been under development for seven years, has now become the right tool at the right time in addressing the "gig economy". Why? US government statistics have confirmed that the "gig economy" or "sharing economy" is exploding, as more people seek direct access to find work, share resources and skills with one another. There are currently around 60 million gig workers, approximately 36% of all US employees. Statista projects that 85.6 million people will be doing freelance work in the US by 2027. According to, by 2023, the size of the gig economy could reach $455.2 billion. ADP Research Institute says that in 6% of US companies gig workers make up as much as 85% of the workforce. At the same time, according to the Pew Institute, a significant number of Americans are seeking ways to feel like they belong and are looking for offerings that provide a sense of community.

YING's focus on building intentional communities and bringing about a sense of "the village" is well-aligned with these both trends, and all research points to significant likelihood of market success. YING, which recently launched a neighborhood activation called VillageYING in Philadelphia and Boulder, Colorado, is dedicated to building intentional communities and empowering people to share their skills and resources with one another directly, without need of an employment agency, temp agency, or any other "middleman", thus bypassing traditional barriers to direct and immediate employment.

"It's clear that in this economy, we will need to leverage technologies to create more effective ways of unlocking the value we have within our own trusted networks to share resources and micro gigs," said Hope Sullivan, a board member of R3T. "We are thrilled to have found such a strong business model in YING, and believe that its combination of fintech and valuing human capital is what differentiates Ying from any business model we've seen like it to date."

Ying is a cutting-edge group skillsharing platform with "intentional technology" to unlock community, financial and social capital. This is possible via the in-app currency, the "Balance Coin" as well as fiat currency, all of which is kept accurate by usage of the block chain for all transactions.

Ying is FREE for users, with Ying taking a small percentage of the agreed upon consideration between the two bilateral parties (a job seeker & employer, for instance). Due to its noted exceptional improvement in intra-company communications, for larger corporations, there is a monthly fee, which is expected to be a significant component of revenue stream.

CEO Karla Ballard was quoted as saying "We've been working hard for quite some time and now believe the marketplace is seeking exactly this type of economic solution in a fintech tool that unlocks opportunities to earn a better living. I am thrilled to be in position for us to bring this to the market under R3T."

The acquisition of YING by R3T represents a major milestone for both companies, and we believe it will create new opportunities for growth and innovation. Management is aware of the current "yield sign" appearing on OTC markets and is working with new firm of CPAs to properly revise the 3rd Quarter report and hope to have it published shortly. By now bringing this technology public, we are confident that we can unlock even more value for our customers and shareholders, and help to build stronger, more resilient communities as we inter-connect, one gig and community at a time.

Forward-Looking Statements

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SOURCE: R3T Technologies

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