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Medtech Startup MyoPharm Develops Innovative and Affordable Chip technology to Eliminate Animal testing and Expedite Clinical Trials of Key Drugs in Medical Research

Monday, 16 January 2023 13:05

ONTARIO, CANADA / ACCESSWIRE / January 16, 2023 / The research and development of a new drug in the pharmaceutical industry is a process that can take a very long time as it is highly regulated and includes extensive clinical trials, first in a laboratory setting, then in animals and finally in patients who have signed on willingly as a last option in order to test drug safety and efficacy. The clinical testing of pharmaceutical drugs on animals has long been a very controversial topic due to the harmful impact it can have on them. There is also a lack of proof that the effects of the drugs on animals would be similar to that on humans. A new medtech startup called MyoPharm is seeking to reduce the time and expense related to the drug testing and research process through the development of an innovative chip technology that can mimic the response of human organs to different drugs.

Commenting on the startup's ambitious plans, Mehdi Bagheri, the CEO of MyoPharm said, "As a paediatric cardiologist with over 20 years of experience, it was heartbreaking to see many lives being lost due to the long time it took for promising drugs to get approval after completing the clinical trials stage. Our new technology was developed against a backdrop of heavy odds due to the sanctions against our native country, Iran, which meant that we lacked access to many resources that were needed. Nevertheless, it is highly promising as it can eliminate the need for extensive testing on animals and human beings. We have developed three types of chips that can mimic the actions of key organs like the lung, heart, liver and intestine which can be used singly or in combination. With the registration of our company in Canada and the move here we are hoping to further develop and refine our technology so that it can have a significant impact on medical research in particular and on society in general."

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Dr. Mehdi, and his team of highly experienced co-founders, Seyed Bardia Hosseini, Allahyar Montasseri and Leila Fardifallah developed this unique technology in 2019. During the pandemic, they also developed a pump through which media can be injected into the chips so that it replicates the functioning of the individual organs. The nature of cells in each organ is highly differentiated and complex, hence, each type of chip was developed as an outcome of many months of research. MyoPharm has already received a patent for its unique pump technology that makes it possible for the chips to function.

Said Dr. Mehdi Bagheri, "I have published over 25 scientific articles about cardiac problems and intervention in cardiac disease in reputed scientific journals. Our path breaking technology is based on solid research and will be highly useful to companies in the CRAMS (Contract Research and Manufacturing) space for developing drugs without the need for testing on animals or extensive clinical trials. This is technology that can change the course of thousands of lives across the globe."

In the long run, MyoPharm plans to partner with other companies and expand its range of chips to cover testing for diseases linked to more organs in the body. For many people suffering from diseases like Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), the cost of medications and concerns about animal testing are very real. Companies like MyoPharm can make a significant impact on the cost and effectiveness of drugs and expedite the drug development cycle.

About MyoPharm: MyoPharm is a medtech company that specializes in innovative and affordable chip technology for expediting research and development of pathbreaking pharmaceutical drugs.

Media Contact:

Name: Allahyar Montasseri (Media and investment relations)
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: MyoPharm

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