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Zarif Haque on How to Build a Career in the Gig-Driving Industry

Wednesday, 11 January 2023 01:00 PM

DriverDO LLC

OVERLAND PARK, KS / ACCESSWIRE / January 11, 2023 / Gig-driving opportunities have become an increasingly popular option for those who value or require flexibility to earn extra income. As one of the fastest growing sectors in the gig economy, gig-driving has received some negative feedback from consumers over the past few years, most of which has been centered on low pay with some independent workers earning only $3.75 an hour. However, one vehicle transport technology company is focused on providing professional driving experiences that are upleveling the options in the gig-driving economy.

As the industry's leading vehicle transport technology company, Draiver collaborates with gig drivers to move vehicle assets, while offering more elevated driving experiences. Kansas-based entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Draiver, Zarif Haque, highlights the benefits of becoming an independent contractor with the company and says, "With higher pay and more prestige, consistent gig driving can look more like a long-term driving career." Below, Zarif Haque outlines three ways to create a more rewarding approach for gig-drivers looking for more consistency and driver empowerment.

Be Aware of Overhead Costs

Ride-share driving can produce higher overhead costs since drivers are required to use their own car for services. From maintenance costs, to mileage and gas fees, these can add up and put additional and unnecessary wear and tear on the driver's primary asset for the job. Gig-driving for a company like Draiver does not require a driver to own their own vehicle as they are hired to drive newly purchased cars or move part of a fleet of cars, which can actually save costs, and as a result, increase earning potential.

Look for Flexibility

The ability to set your own schedule is paramount to gig workers, and is often the main reason independent contractors turn to gig driving. But it's also important to have consistency in order to regularly earn as a gig-driver. Zarif Haque says, "The Draiver app enables our clients to choose the independent contractors that are moving their cars - when they establish a dependable working relationship with these clients, they have the opportunity to be repeatedly selected to drive for that client, which can mean more consistent and dependable income."

Find a Network

Typically gig-drivers are disconnected and disengaged from their side work, spending hours driving troublesome passengers or delivering food and groceries for lower pay. But it's now possible to find more prestigious opportunities for gig-drivers that better reflect the value of their services. Zarif Haque says, "We are creating a premiere network of drivers, and providing them with better gig-driving experiences - we treat independent contractors like our customers, with a people-first approach to working together."

Gig-driving may have challenges in certain sectors like ride-hailing, but there are now ways to build more rewarding and successful gig-driving experiences with companies that truly understand what drivers need-driving gigs that put them in a position to earn more money, as well as more respect.


DRAIVER uses best-in-class AI logistics software and a national vetted, insured driver marketplace to deliver vehicles globally. Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, DRAIVER operates across the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. Clients range from global Fleet and Rental Companies, OEMs, Large Automotive Groups, and single location businesses. (


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