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CEO of Lonestar Labor Management Christopher Linton Discusses the Importance of Employee Safety In the Poultry Processing Industry

Wednesday, 11 January 2023 08:00 AM

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / January 11, 2023 / The poultry processing industry is one of the largest segments of meat production in the United States. Producing more than 7 billion chickens per year, the sector provides jobs for thousands of workers across the country. In a recent online article, the CEO of Lonestar Labour Management, Christopher Linton, talks about the importance of employee safety and how the industry prioritizes the well-being of their workers.

Christopher Linton, whose company helps individuals secure long-term employment in the industry, states that while a job in poultry manufacturing is safe, there are still protective measures that everyone should follow.

According to Christopher, many processors use conveyor belts which move birds through processing. He claims that this prevents workers from coming into contact with sharp tools and other pieces of machinery. Christopher notes that personal protective equipment, or PPE, is also essential for protecting workers from injuries and illnesses.

"PPE includes items such as gloves, aprons, and respiratory protection. Employers must provide employees with the proper PPE for their job duties and train them on how to use it safely. Employees should also be aware of the risks of not wearing PPE while working in a poultry processing plant. By taking these precautions, employers and employees can help create a safe work environment and prevent accidents and injuries."

Protective equipment is needed to avoid exposure to dust and harmful chemicals. Fortunately, the industry is highly regulated and employers are required to educate staff on the proper safety procedures.

To learn more about safety in the poultry industry feel free to read through the entire article.

About Christopher Linton

Christopher Linton is the CEO of Lonestar Labor Management - a boutique employment agency that provides a wide range of workforce solutions for companies across the United States. Based out of Houston, Texas, their team is committed to helping clients locate professional opportunities in the food manufacturing industries. By ensuring fair compensation and employee benefits, Lonestar Labor Management remains a reputable industry leader.

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