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Richard Wesselt Co-Authors a New Article

Tuesday, January 3, 2023 8:00 AM

The Founder of Wesselt Capital Group and The Wesselt Initiative lent his expertise to help craft an article about the tremendous importance of building trust and transparency as a mentor.

COLLEGEVILLE, PA / ACCESSWIRE / January 3, 2023 / Early in the autumn of 2022, veteran insurance industry executive and charitable organization founder Richard Wesselt was approached by freelance journalist Sarah Olray to consult on a new essay on mentorship and its two underlying principles; trust and transparency. The result of this collaboration was an article titled Richard Wesselt's Guide for Building Trust and Transparency as a Mentor, which was published by an online periodical concentrating on leadership, wealth, and entrepreneurship on September 9, 2022.

In an early segment of the text, the co-authors extol the merits of mentorship. "Mentorship is a keystone of any solid career development plan. A good mentor can provide invaluable guidance, support, and advice that can help you navigate the challenges and obstacles of your chosen profession. A mentor can also be a sounding board for new ideas, a source of inspiration and motivation, and someone to turn to when you need an honest opinion," they write, before outlining the article's central thesis. "A strong mentoring relationship is built on trust and transparency, and it is essential to remember that as a mentor, you have a responsibility to nurture and maintain that trust."

Further along in the essay, Richard Wesselt and Sarah Olray delve into greater detail about why establishing honesty and openness is critical in building trust within the mentor/mentee relationship, writing, "One of the most integral parts of building trust with anyone is being honest and open with them. This is especially important with mentees, who will likely rely on you for advice and guidance. By leading them with your example, you will teach them how to maneuver situations where honesty isn't always the easiest policy to live by. A willingness to be open with your mentee about your own successes and failures will show that you are human and understand their challenges. It will also help them see you as a relatable figure they can trust to give honest feedback."

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Anyone curious to read this article in its entirety will find it located here, while anyone interested in learning more about Richard Wesselt is encouraged to visit his professional website.

About Richard Wesselt:

Originally from Norristown, Pennsylvania, Richard Wesselt excelled both in academics and sports throughout primary and secondary school. By his senior year in high school, he had become the starting quarterback for the varsity football team. Richard proceeded to enroll in the University of Pennsylvania in 1985, having been recruited to play for its legendary football team, and graduating from its Wharton School of Business in 1989.

In his first job out of college, Richard worked with Provident Mutual. There, he was awarded the insurance company's distinction of ‘Rookie of the Year' in 1990. After some time had passed, he was offered a role with Phoenix Home Life, leading that insurance firm in the number of policies written in 1996. As his successes mounted in the insurance industry, Richard was inspired to create his own insurance and fiscal management firm, and he founded Wesselt Capital Group in 1997. In the 25 years since its founding, the firm has helped over 34,000 people meet their insurance needs.

A big believer in giving back to the community, Richard Wesselt has served on the boards of governors for several Catholic schools, including Bishop Kenrick High School, Kennedy Kenrick High School, and Pope John Paul High School. He has raised funds and spearheaded scholarships for each of these institutions over the course of his life, as well as mentored many students. Presently, Richard Wesselt is well into the process of founding the Wesselt Initiative, a community service-based charitable organization committed to fostering connections between students and businesses.

Media Contact:

Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Richard Wesselt

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