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Teacup Tiny Homes Reinvents the American Dream with Design-Savvy Tiny Homes

Wednesday, December 14, 2022 2:15 PM

LETHBRIDGE, AB / ACCESSWIRE / December 14, 2022 / Teacup Tiny Homes has reinvented the American dream with its take on the compact home. The company specializes in the design and production of customized tiny houses that do not make any compromises in terms of design or function.

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Due to the rising cost of living and fears of a looming recession, more than half of American adults have given up on the American dream that hard work leads to success in life and more stuff means higher status. Rising home prices and increasing mortgage rates mean that many young people are unable to afford their own homes. This increase in house prices has led to a spike in interest in tiny homes. Another factor that contributed to this trend was the onset of the pandemic. People were forced to spend more time at home due to lockdowns and social distancing. This caused them to re-evaluate their outlook on life. There has been more interest in minimalist living and the adoption of a freer lifestyle.

The big houses and the large mortgages tied to them began to be seen as shackles. It was this gap in the market that Teacup Tiny Homes sought to fill with personalized houses that might be smaller in size but offer the beauty and functional aspects of a traditional home.

"Three years after I bought my first home at age 21, housing prices skyrocketed. I noticed other friends and family members found it difficult to get into the housing market. It is the same for many millennials and Gen Z's. Tiny homes are being seen as a possible way to solve the housing crisis. Teacup Tiny Homes builds certified tiny home RVs that can be used as vacation homes, secondary homes for passive income, and possibly even as homes in inner cities. Although recreational vehicles (RVs) are categorized as seasonal units, many states and provinces are amending building codes and bylaws to make tiny homes legal," says Jennifer McCarthy, Founder of Teacup Tiny Homes.

Although tiny homes use many of the typical systems in a traditional home, the setup and maintenance are slightly different. One problem that many tiny house owners face is that they do not get proper guidance on how the tiny home functions. Getting the house delivered is just the first step of home ownership. The owner needs to familiarize themself with the correct procedure for installing and maintaining the utilities as this can vary from conventional homes.

Teacup Tiny Homes differs from other companies in this segment as it has an online portal called the Teacup Academy that offers homeowners assistance through the process of building and installing their new home. The online learning portal offers homeowners plenty of videos and worksheets to understand exactly where everything goes. Teacup Tiny Homes designs houses so that they are highly functional and optimize space to the maximum possible extent. Every single space is designed to be usable and pleasing to the eye.

"Our goal is to simplify people's lives and provide people with more opportunities to enjoy a lifestyle with fewer financial commitments, less stuff, and greater scope for enjoying life. Teacup is a woman owned business that I built from scratch with a $60,000 loan and years of experience as a design and building professional. I started my career in the building industry when I was 19 and have never looked back. Having my own business offers me flexibility in life, which brings me extreme amounts of fulfillment and joy. Knowing that we are working with people who share a common goal of being fulfilled in their own lives, we get to help make their tiny dreams come true."

Offering more disposable income, more fun, the flexibility to travel easily, and the satisfaction of leaving a smaller carbon footprint, Teacup continues to alter the social norm one tiny house at a time.

About Teacup Tiny Homes

Teacup Tiny Homes diversifies home ownership options with its range of customized, compact homes to suit any lifestyle.

Media Contact:

Name: Jennifer McCarthy
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Teacup Tiny Homes

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