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Ensuring Economic Growth Without Compromising Environmental Sustainability, Green Financing Initiatives by Suneet Singal and His Firm First Capital

Tuesday, 13 December 2022 08:22

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 13, 2022 / Achieving economic growth without compromising environmental sustainability is a challenge. It demands a great deal of determination and commitment from investors and policymakers towards nature and future generations. Even though governments and legal authorities worldwide have set several goals and rules to ensure sustainable development, research indicates a low rate of investment in sustainability projects. Therefore, investing in green technology and promoting a green economy have become the need of the hour. Identifying the importance of green financing, First Capital, a US-based investment firm, and its founder, Suneet Singal, seek to promote green technology, green energy, and green real estate through their financial consulting and advisory services.

First Capital is on a mission to bring more private investment and private finance to sustainable development projects and, at the same time, ensure a maximum return to the investors. Suneet Singal, the founder of the firm, assists business organizations in designing and developing financial instruments and assessing the effectiveness of different instruments, policies, rules, and regulations in promoting investment in green and environmentally friendly projects. Economic growth leads to increased production of goods and services, which in turn enhances the demand for energy. As a result, investing in sustainable projects such as renewable energy, green infrastructure, and so on plays an important role in ensuring environmental sustainability and a carbon-neutral economy.

The population explosion and increased consumption have enhanced energy demand across the globe. Therefore, Suneet believes that investing in green energy solutions can have a significant impact on environmental sustainability and carbon neutrality. In order to achieve this, First Capital seeks to connect entrepreneurs with green energy solutions. He promotes investment in state-of-the-art renewable diesel fuel, which is manufactured from corn and soy. Suneet is involved in several renewable energy sites including renewable diesel, biodiesel and glycerin, all based on plant-based feedstocks.

Apart from the renewable diesel initiative, Suneet is also associated with developing disruptive battery technologies aimed at providing sustainable energy solutions for the automobile industry. The initiative's focus is to move away from conventional sources of battery materials like lithium and shift the focus towards alternative methods. "Now we are starting to take some venture capital investments into disruptive battery technology companies that are using different integrations of different platforms as the world starts adopting new materials and technology," Suneet added.

Suneet also focuses on developing a green development strategy in the real estate sector by promoting investments in green energy to power the facilities. His extensive experience in the real estate industry enables him to build investment strategies for his clients. According to him, energy demand in the sector creates new investment opportunities in the research and development of sustainable and renewable energies.

"In the real estate sector, we have started to focus on zero carbon footprint projects where they are completely off the grid and self-sustainable in every aspect from the building materials used to how they are powered and where the utilities come from. So these kinds of projects are our focal points. We also have a green tech company rolling out next year, which will be focused on green energy in the real estate sector", Says Suneet Singal.

Suneet Singal is an experienced senior entrepreneur and finance architect working in the sectors of real estate, consumer retail, finance, renewable energy, FinTech, strategy and corporate structure. He has worked as a successful entrepreneur for the past 20 years as a principal and owner of multiple companies. He is the former Chairman and CEO of an equity REIT. He was also the former acting CEO of a Business Development Corp, and CEO of a real estate operating company traded on Nasdaq. Prior to that, he was an operator having built and sold private businesses and assets. Suneet also held multiple board positions and C-Suite roles in both public and private companies.

Suneet specializes in deal structure, acquisition, negotiations, equity and debt placements or direct investment, development, strategy, and complex financial structuring. He has worked in structured finance, and negotiations, both corporate and transactional, and has multiple closed capital transactions both debt and equity across different industry sectors. His previous focus was on real estate master plan development, transportation-oriented development, land entitlement, commercial real estate, principal sponsorship, equity, and advisory. Today his area of focus is a blend of real estate and non-real estate assets and companies. He has worked closely with family office operators with significant asset portfolios and advised them on various capital structures through complex domestic and foreign transactional structures. He has served as a principal shareholder, director and officer, holding positions in various project holdings and investments, joint ventures and partnerships.

Despite his extensive expertise and long career in the real estate sector, Suneet shifts his focus to green financing aiming to give something significant back to society and the environment. The green investment was a logical choice for him as he utilizes his expertise to bring private capital to sustainable development projects. Suneet and his company, First Capital continue to seek a transformation in the way we approach investment and development. All his efforts are to ensure economic growth and prosperity without compromising environmental sustainability.

About First Capital

First Capital is headquartered in Greater New York, United States and was founded by Suneet Singal. The firm is a privately held real estate sponsor & investment finance company specializing in both public and private investment vehicles.

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