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Zarif Haque on Why Gig Economy Companies Should Treat Workers Like Customers

Monday, 12 December 2022 15:00

DriverDO LLC

OVERLAND PARK, KS / ACCESSWIRE / December 12, 2022 / Investing in best-in-class customer experiences is important for any business, of any size. While it has always been important to inspire loyalty and productivity, in today's digital culture, workers can share their experiences immediately, and much more broadly, which can have a significant impact on company performance. Zarif Haque, entrepreneur, vehicle transport expert and CEO of Draiver, a leading auto transport technology company, states that a business's approach to engagement in the gig economy space can either grow - or slow - the bottom line.

"In a driver gig economy, managing and engaging with gig workers is almost entirely digitized, which can disconnect real, human connection with the people that help power the business," says Haque. "It's paramount to create more human-first experiences for gig drivers and provide benefits that underscore their value."

To maintain a thriving gig economy company, like Draiver, leaders should implement a thoughtful approach to gig worker engagement as they can ultimately make or break a business-and that starts with culture.

With so many companies championing hybrid and remote working structures, culture has to take even higher priority. For gig economy companies especially, maintaining workplace culture isn't easy without a central office space to share ideas and collaborate in person. Typically, these companies provide workers with minimal corporate support and low wages that can add up to only $5 an hour after expenses. Often, these gig economy jobs are chosen because of the increased flexibility they offer, despite the lack of a real connection to the work.

Draiver, on the other hand, remains focused on ensuring their contractors and employees have autonomy. "Gig drivers shouldn't have to choose between flexibility and culture," says Draiver's CEO Haque. "We ensure drivers have the freedom to select their own schedule, empowering them to work for themselves, without working by themselves-we've built a network of drivers we actually engage with and listen to."

Companies should provide 24/7 access to support, so they are integrated into company culture virtually. Not listening to independent contractors can drastically affect retention rates, leaving a business scrambling to fill empty roles and often stuck in a recruiting loop. But fostering a good company culture, where real attention is given to specific gig-economy worker needs, will naturally bring those workers to you.

Healthy company culture is a primary focus for Draiver. "Drivers are powering businesses that help thousands of consumers every day - their value is immeasurable, and we treat them accordingly," says Haque.

Draiver is proof that recognizing the specific needs of gig economy independent workers, and tailoring engagement and management strategy to those needs will create a better company culture and will keep business performance and reputation high. As gig economy roles continue to grow, smart leaders connected to the gig economy will put gig worker experience at the forefront of operations to keep the personal connection strong, and their culture even stronger.


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