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José Badillo Unveils 'Second Chance to Life' Program to Reach Out to Those Facing Challenges in Life

Monday, December 5, 2022 12:20 PM

SANTA CLARA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 5, 2022 / Advance Staffing, Inc has unveiled the ‘Second Chance to Life' program as part of the company's efforts to give back to the community. José Badillo, the company's CEO is himself someone who has worked his way up from a role as a catering attendant to becoming the CEO of Advance Staffing, Inc. The purpose of the ‘Second Chance to Life' program is to reach out to people who are facing challenges in their life or have made mistakes and give them a chance to turn their situation around.

Advance Staffing, Inc specializes in supplying staff for the hospitality industry in the Bay area. Though the company does supply staff for janitorial and construction jobs as well, the lion's share of its income is derived from sourcing and placing staff for corporate catering events. The Covid-19 pandemic turned the catering industry on its head as many companies in Silicon Valley asked staff to work from home due to social distancing restrictions. This had a trickle down effect on Advance Staffing as well, with everyone from the CEO to servers facing a shortage of funds due to the lack of jobs.

'‘Second Chance to Life' was launched when the Federal government stepped in with Covid-19 relief funds for individuals and businesses that had suffered as a result of the pandemic. José Badillo, the CEO of Advance Staffing, Inc, partnered with his local church and employees to deploy these funds for a new initiative to help those who were facing challenges in life. He agreed to pay employees their wages provided that they took it in turns to work with the church on feeding the homeless and supplying food to Covid patients who were confined to their homes.

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The enterprise thrived with everyone proving to be winners. The employees received their wages and a sense of satisfaction as they gave back to their community. People who had lost hope in life as they became unemployed and were unable to pay their bills received help from ‘Second Chance to Life'. As part of the effort, warm food was delivered to many people in their houses. Even after the pandemic subsided, the program continues to support those who need assistance in life through funds, food supplies and employment opportunities to turn their life around. This includes those who have lost their jobs and those who have been incarcerated.

Commenting on the Second Chance to Life Program, José Badillo, President & CEO at Advance Staffing Inc said, "In this festive season, it is important to remember that there are many people who might have reached their absolute breaking point. They could do with a helping hand - in the form of a job opportunity, food supplies and a few gifts for their kids. They might have made mistakes in their life, but no one is perfect. Everyone should have a chance to move on from their mistakes and turn their life around. I am myself a poster child for second chances. As a teenager, I was in and out of detention centers for multiple drug offenses. I would never have become the CEO of my own company and achieved the success I have now had it not been for people who gave me second and even third chances. This is what the ‘Second Chance to Life' program is all about. Sometimes just knowing that someone cares, even if it is a total stranger, can make all the difference."

About Advance Staffing, Inc

Advance Staffing, Inc is a staffing agency in the Bay area that specializes in sourcing and supplying hand picked staff for the hospitality industry. Set up in 2006, the agency supplies candidates for short and long-term assignments and has a roster of clients that includes renowned brands like Microsoft and SAP.

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