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MarketAtomy: Priming Owners of Micro and Small Businesses for Success with its Online Learning Ecosystem

Monday, 05 December 2022 08:15

ORLANDO, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 5, 2022 / Owners of small and micro businesses often wear multiple hats at a time. They are required to work on their business strategy, recruit and retain staff, keep track of sales, seek funding if needed, comply with regulations and expand into new markets and countries as needed. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 20% of small businesses fail within the first year, while almost half of them fail within the first five years. Most businesses fail due to lack of management acumen on the part of the business owners. They go into business without knowing what it takes to set up, grow and run it successfully. This is where a company like MarketAtomy can make a difference.

The founder of MarketAtomy, Danna Olivo, has degrees in marketing and management information systems (MIS). She leveraged her 40 years of experience as a professional business growth strategist to set up MarketAtomy Academy, an online learning ecosystem that guides solopreneurs and owners of microbusinesses sequentially through the process of conceiving, setting up, funding and scaling up a small business.

Commenting on her motivation to start the business, Danna Olivo, the CEO of MarketAtomy Academy said, "There is plenty of support available from the government in the form of programs like SBA (Small Business Administration) and SBDC (Small Business Development Centers) for small businesses. According to SBA, a small business is classified as having 500 employees or less. But it is the mom and pop businesses, the corner stores and the startups with less than 10 or 20 employees that are failing. There is a gap in the market that needs to be filled. The owners of these businesses are overwhelmed by the multiple roles and responsibilities that they have. Unable to cope, they put off things hoping that eventually everything will work out. What they need is education on skills development, proper business strategy, and its implementation."

As someone who set up two businesses that failed, Danna has personally experienced the pain points of managing a small business. Her mission is to use her learnings to decrease the number of failed businesses in the developed world through education, accountability and effective resource management. Her belief is that, by reducing the number of failed businesses, it will only positively impact the nation's GDP, labor force and the psyche of business owners.

The MarketAtomy Academy guides business owners through the entire process of steering a business to success through a complete ecosystem of self-guided courses, group accountability sessions, podcasts, a community of learners and mentoring when needed. Students should preferably take the courses as outlined in MarketAtomy's proprietary sequencing process that covers the 5 phases of business growth.

The five phases are See it, Prove it, Build it, Fund it and Grow it. The See it phase involves conceptualizing the firm's product or service. This is what Danna calls the ‘napkin' phase and involves a lot of brainstorming. The ‘Prove It' phase is one that involves market research and proving a viable product or service within the market. In the ‘Build It' phase, clients work to build their business model, including developing their vision and mission statement, incorporating systems, methodologies and revenue strategies. The ‘Fund It' phase guides clients through building financial models for setting up an optimal funding strategy for scaling. The last phase, ‘Grow It' focuses on scaling the business.

The platform has a subscription-based model where clients get access to all the modules for a flat monthly or annual fee. Clients can also avail one-on-one mentoring sessions by paying extra. Currently, 61 courses are available on the platform with more courses added on a monthly basis. For clients wishing a more hands-on experience, MarketAtomy offers financing programs.

Danna's experiences in the business world have shaped her to be the professional business growth strategist that she is now. She has over forty years of experience working in the strategic planning, marketing and business development arena, mostly in the architecture, engineering and construction fields. She was laid off in 2009 in the wake of the global recession and went to Brazil for a brief spell. Brazil was flush with cash and preparing for both the FIFA world cup and the Summer Olympics. She worked as a liaison between US and Brazilian companies. An accident brought her back to the US.

Upon her return, many of her friends and colleagues had set up small businesses after losing their jobs due to the recession. They were overwhelmed with handling the pressures of running the day-to-day responsibilities. They did not know how to build an infrastructure for attracting and retaining customers. MarketAtomy was developed to clearly explain what had to be in place to attract their customers and grow their business. Covid forced Danna to pivot and build an online learning environment to continue her efforts with small and micro businesses, called MarketAtomy Academy.

Concluded Danna Olivo, "We take a very holistic approach to helping our clients set up and run their small businesses. I have spent years studying such businesses to understand the factors that make them fail or succeed. Our curriculum is tailormade to provide our students with practical solutions to the issues they face on a daily basis. We equip them for success through our courses, a community of supportive colleagues, regular podcasts, blog articles and mentoring sessions for handholding when needed. We regularly add new courses based on market needs. Our ultimate goal is to help all business owners become successful, however small their business is. The academy's differentiating contributions include accountability, coaching and interactive activities and customizing programs for their business."

About MarketAtomy

MarketAtomy has launched the MarketAtomy Academy, an online guided learning management system that seeks to empower owners of micro and small businesses. The Academy's self-guided courses can be taken sequentially for developing a customized and comprehensive business strategy to scale up their businesses without feeling overwhelmed.

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