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Zedge Introduces "pAInt" an A.I. Wallpaper Creator

Monday, December 5, 2022 6:30 AM
Zedge, Inc.

New Zedge App feature allows users to create their own unique wallpapers using text phrases

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 5, 2022 / Zedge, Inc. (NYSE American:ZDGE), a leader in building marketplaces and games around digital content that enable self-expression, today announced its latest innovative feature, "pAInt", an AI powered wallpaper creator that translates text into images.

"Empowering users to express their individuality is a key part of the Zedge experience," said Jonathan Reich, CEO of Zedge. "Our goal is to bring new and innovative content and features to Zedge's marketplace that consumers will love and engage with. Benefiting from advances in artificial intelligence, pAInt, empowers consumers by enabling them to become creators simply by describing what they want to see. Users no longer have to be skilled graphic designers to make a wallpaper. All they need to do is describe what they want and technology takes care of the rest, allowing all Zedgers to become creators, with ease. We're rolling pAInt out on iOS and Android in the U.S. to start and will expand into other geographies over time.

"We value creators because their content fuels our marketplace, and they have the capacity to establish social trends, drive user growth and expand our value proposition to a larger market segment. We are excited about pAInt and the potential impact it can have on engagement, retention and revenue as it transforms our consumers into creators."

The pAInt feature lets users refine their images by choosing from a variety of styles (Anime, Oil Painting, 3D, among others) and effects (Sepia, Photorealistic, Psychedeic and more) and includes a Community Gallery that lets them scroll though images others have created along with the text prompts that led to them. That gallery is already filled with hundreds of images ranging from "Beautiful sunset on a tropical beach, pink sky, low contrast" to "A singular horrific big blob creature worshipped by cultists in the style of scary stories to tell in the dark," hinting at the addictive nature of this feature - once you start creating, it's very hard to stop!

About Zedge

Zedge builds marketplaces and games around digital content that people use to express themselves. We monetize our user base through advertising, subscriptions, and a virtual token-based economy. Our leading products are the GuruShots photography game and Zedge's freemium digital content marketplace, which today offers mobile phone wallpapers, video wallpapers, ringtones, and notification sounds. The synergy between the game and the marketplace unlocks additional engagement and enables our community to earn money from their artwork. We also own Emojipedia, a website that is the leading source of information about emojis. In July 2022, we served more than 40 million users. For more information, visit


Brian Siegel IRC, MBA
Senior Managing Director
Hayden IR
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SOURCE: Zedge, Inc.

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