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Zarif Haque on Vehicle Transport Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Thursday, 01 December 2022 03:10 PM

DriverDO LLC

OVERLAND PARK, KS / ACCESSWIRE / December 1, 2022 / Purchasing a car can be a very meaningful and exciting experience, and once that purchase is made, the dealership is responsible for delivering the new prized possession safely to the buyer. Finding a trustworthy company to move cars of any distance is an important part of the process - there are several factors to consider, including costs, travel time and road safety. Zarif Haque, Founder and CEO of expert vehicle transport technology company, Draiver, built a business that directly addresses these considerations to move vehicles faster and smarter for dealerships.

Below, Haque outlines the top automotive transport challenges and how to best move cars securely for eagerly-awaiting new car buyers.


When moving any cargo on the road, there is always a chance for delays and late delivery. With the introduction of real-time tracking technology, precise vehicle location is now immediate, and vehicle drivers can be contacted directly in the event of traffic, weather or other delays.

Zarif Haque says, "In an industry with so many variables that could affect a seamless delivery for important and personal items, it's critical that dealerships have the utmost confidence in their transport company-and that starts with more transparency and visibility into the actual delivery." While advances in technology have helped better map routes, Zarif Haque also notes that new AI-powered technology should be used to provide higher levels of confidence beyond tracking, to include better driver engagement which ultimately benefits the car-buyer in the end.

Qualified Drivers

Visibility into the drivers themselves has become increasingly important for successful vehicle transportation. Zarif Haque notes that vetting drivers, and ensuring they are qualified and reliable for any level of delivery is the backbone of the industry. Drivers have to earn the trust of the businesses they are driving for. Zarif Haque also mentions that "Several of our clients have formed strong connections with drivers through our app, which offers the ability for them to choose drivers for each delivery. This unique feature allows them to build confidence in the process by repeatedly working with their favorite, reliable drivers."

More Efficiency

Efficient delivery means reduced leakage, chase and time on the road, which have always burdened transportation companies. A focus on AI-driven tech means routes are continuously optimized, so vehicles can be delivered faster, safer, and with more cost-effectiveness - which means better business for dealerships. As the fastest car delivery company in the United States, Zarif Haque knows that faster delivery can mean better bottom lines for clients.

Reliability is paramount when it comes to navigating complex routing logistics and road conditions. Dealerships should avoid rolling the dice on brokers to move vehicles and lean on tech-based, driver-forward companies who move important purchases like cars with a head-and-heart approach.


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