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AcuFi Founder, Nicholas Kohlschreiber, Examines the Future of FinTech with AI

Monday, November 28, 2022 9:10 PM

IRVINE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 28, 2022 / In today's world, everyone agrees with the fact that the future of technology depends on the progress of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI can offer possible customers with customized services and approach, especially when starting a financial technology company, app, or service. This personalize support will help people fulfill their financial goals. Furthermore, AI has the potential to help managers and supervisors understand the risks and make informed decisions. "In the very near future, a world without AI will be unimaginable," says Nicholas Kohlschreiber, founder of AcuFi, the Irvine-based debt resolution company that works with individuals and businesses to untangle their finances and strategize their futures.

For the fintech sector, concerns in the security of both user and company data can be addressed by AI. More than ever, the modern age will come with a new variety of bad actors-hackers, viruses, and vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited. Traditionally, software protects information with passwords, but AI can add new layers of cybersecurity to protect transactions and valuable data. Fintechs deal with millions of dollars daily, and the ability to detect fraud, deception, anomalies, or viruses using AI could stop the loss of funds or theft. "AI can be the new wall protecting the finances of individuals and small businesses alike," states Nicholas Kohlschreiber. "Fraud and theft can become a thing of the past with a strong AI security barrier."

Improvements in customer centric service and experience is where AI has been the most effectively employed in the fintech industry, with more and more companies utilizing it to advance within the market. Innovations such as Chatbots and AI-powered personalized banking apps are just two examples of AI enhancing the customer experience. Chatbots minimize the workload placed on call centers through their availability to answer any typical and frequently asked questions. AI-powered banking apps help users stay on top of their finances, track their income and expenses, and achieve their financial goals. Nicholas Kohlschreiber proudly notes that, "AcuFi experts are already using AI to enhance the user experience for our clients. And with the growing competition on the market, I foresee more companies will employ AI to achieve quick and personalized customer engagement."

Nicholas Kohlschreiber is the founder and leader of AcuFi, an intuitive debt management software that helps clients settle their debt and provides relief from predatory collectors. Some of their other services include managing bankruptcy, consolidating loans, and finding a way to thrive even with the burden of debt.


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