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Axe Elite Is Taking Average And Making It Elite With Their Skills And Trainings That Are Aimed at Making Businesses Better.

Wednesday, 23 November 2022 11:30 AM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 23, 2022 / Being above average is not as common as many people think. Plenty of people around the world are okay being simply complacent with many factors of their lives. While many people are satisfied with living in the status quo, there are a few out there who are looking to break those expectations and do something greater with their lives.

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Axe Elite is one of those such companies that is pushing for people to be more than average and do bigger and better things. In their words, they are trying to develop a culture where limitations do not exist. Their mission consists of trying to build a powerful and elite sales organization.

Axe Elite is a tech-enabled telecommunication marketing organization that has been in business for close to a decade. They distribute technology and telecommunication products to clients via its top-rated carrier partners. They serve a diverse clientele including the underserved, small, and medium businesses all around the United States. Their business aims to give both convenience and efficiency to clients, gaining loyalty as well as revenue.

They currently operate in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

One of the techniques they teach to sales organizations to help them achieve their goals is the creation of a team mentality. This is because they realize that the value of teamwork is greater than anything one person or one business can achieve on their own.

A second way that they have started to build up sales organizations is by teaching others to hold their businesses to high standards. Having the right leadership is providing a strong foundation where other people's dreams can be built upon. Axe Elite aims to ensure that that leadership is fostered effectively. Additionally, they hope to create leaders that care about their employees just as much as they care about their business because their team is the business in many ways.

To accomplish all of this, Axe Elite offers what they call Axe University where they provide free daily training and mentorship to their customers. The topics that they cover go from sales and business development to building confidence and even how to manage your money.

Axe Elite was created by Albert Shakhnazarov and his cofounders Emir Ademovic, Ernesto Martinez, Kevin Diaz, and Eroz Mesias.

Albert came from a background of very little money and resources. When Albert was 12 his family moved from Moscow, Russia to escape political persecution. He is now the owner of multiple 7 figure companies in different industries. Albert is a real estate investor, husband and mentor who is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small-business owners get ahead. Most importantly the one title Albert is most proud of is being a father of three.

"When no one believed in me, when everyone told me I was not going to amount to anything. When everyone said to me that I wouldn't make it, I won't be disciplined, I won't be consistent, I won't win, my wife told me the opposite and stood by me through my worst days," Albert explains.

To find out more about Axe Elite, check out their website here.

About Axe Elite:

Axe Elite is continuing on their mission to create an elite group of businesses looking to break the mold and be above average. Axe Elite is an organization that helps businesses develop plans and train themselves to become an elite sales organization. They are based in Wethersfield, CT. To find out more, check out their website here.


Paula Henderson

SOURCE: Axe Elite

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