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Ground-breaking Data Presented at HLTH 2022 Highlights ‘Real-time’ View of Patient Experience of Hospitals in Texas

Sunday, 13 November 2022 08:50

PEP Health

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / November 13, 2022 / New data presented at HLTH 2022 (13-16 November) shows that patient experience of hospitals in Texas have been steadily increasing over the last 4 years.

PEP Health , Saturday, November 12, 2022, Press release picture

The results of this ground-breaking data, ‘What Patients Think Texas', will be presented for the first time at HLTH 2022 - a 4-day conference dedicated to accelerating innovation in the healthcare industry - by leading UK-based HealthTech company PEP Health.

Over the last four years, the revolutionary AI company has been collating data, based on public feedback across nearly 400 hospitals situated in Texas, to reveal an accurate, real-time picture of what patients really think of their encounters with the health system.

By benchmarking past performance and the performance of other hospitals using a single, proven methodology, the analysis aims to supports the triple aim of value-based healthcare, supporting both payors and providers with key insights to improve quality, Stars Ratings and, overall, show where improvements can be made to deliver outstanding and positive patient experience.

The insights reveal that overall scores have risen steadily since 2019, except for a dip in 2020 related to system pressures during a COVID peak.

Dr Mark Lomax, CEO of PEP Health, said: "We are honoured to be presenting the results of our data, which showcases variations in patient experience across the board in Texas, at this year's HLTH conference. The insights reveal, in real-time, an accurate representation of what patients truly think, providing information on where the gaps lie at a regional level, meaning important issues can be addressed where it's most needed, to support overall value improvement at the point of care."

PEP Health's data - collected across multiple sources, including social media and review sites - aims to highlight transparency in patient experience, providing a novel, AI-based alternative to traditional survey models with the aim of capturing a more detailed and representative picture.

The technology works by allocating an average overall score for patient satisfaction for each region. This feedback is scored from 1 (worst) to 5 (best), tagged at locations and quality domains across approximately 400 hospitals in Texas. This unique benchmarking system aims to help hospitals improve problem-solving.

Mark adds: "Our care domains provide an easier way to identify actionable insights to not only improve patient experience but also to understand what is required to do to improve H-CAHPS in real-time. We also provide a deep dive into selected key departments inside hospitals, to help hospitals work out which areas to focus on."

Overall, PEP Health's data shows that Central and East Texas are the leaders in Patient Experience, with the Panhandle scoring the lowest in this area. It also demonstrates the year-on-year change amongst the top 20 hospitals in Texas over the last year, with Baptist Medical Center showing the greatest positive increase in score with nearly a 1-point increase - and therefore ranking the highest - followed by Medical City Denton, which saw a nearly 0.5-point increase.

PEP Health , Saturday, November 12, 2022, Press release picture

By internationally recognised key parameters of what makes good patient experience, the insights also reveal that Texas is best at emotional support for patients but suffers when it comes to continuity of care. The data also meaningfully highlights specific sub-themes within the ‘Continuity of Care' domain across Texas, collected in the last 4 years, to show which areas need to be targeted for improvement specifically.

Visit PEP Health on the Club Start Up Pavillion (3051-9) at HLTH 2022, where they'll be presenting their data, 'What Patients Think Texas'. The 4-day conference takes place 13-16 November in Las Vegas. For more information, visit:

For more information about PEP Health, visit:

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About PEP Health

PEP Health was founded by Dr Alex Griffiths and Dr Meghan Leaver. Having spent many years evaluating patient safety and quality improvement interventions globally they became frustrated by the mismatch between the data and what inspectors were finding.

Working closely with health systems in the UK and abroad, Dr Meghan Leaver generated a novel theoretical framework for extracting behavioural safety insights from text data, which provided the conceptual framework for themeing patient comments at scale.

By combining their expertise and skills in quality improvement and data science, Alex and Meghan built a first of its kind, scalable, real-time solution for listening to patients which proved an accurate measure of patient experience.


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