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CEO of Lonestar Labor Management Christopher Linton Launches Professional Website

Tuesday, 08 November 2022 12:00 AM

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / November 8, 2022 / Christopher Linton is a dedicated business professional and CEO of Lonestar Labor Management. As a reputable employment agency specializing in poultry and food manufacturing, Christopher and his team help workers receive fair compensation and employee benefits. Having formed long-lasting partnerships with a wide range of businesses, the company works diligently to ensure individuals receive medical insurance, discounted housing, and everyday transportation to and from work.

In a recent online interview, Christopher discusses how he got into the industry. "There's a big need in the poultry and meat industry for reputable companies to provide loyal, hard working employees that can get the job done. However, it's also important that employees receive the necessary work benefits and compensation that they deserve. Most jobs are physical in nature, so it's my job to ensure the employees have what they need to be successful in their position. I love what I do and my role is very rewarding."

Passionate about helping people succeed, Christopher hopes to shed light on his current professional role as well as the positive difference Lonestar Labor Management is making for workers across the country. He is proud to announce the launch of his official website featured here.

"Our goal is to help employers find dedicated workers, while also ensuring employees have the necessary tools and resources to support themselves. I hope my website will function as an informative space for anyone interested in learning more."

For more information on Lonestar Labor Management please visit the official website at

About Christopher Linton

Christopher Linton is an experienced business professional and the CEO of Lonestar Labor Management - a boutique employment agency specializing in poultry and food manufacturing. Operating out of Houston, Texas, Mr. Linton provides staffing solutions for organizations across the United States. With a strong commitment to employees, their dedicated team of professionals ensure workers receive the proper compensation and benefits.

Those interested in learning more about Christopher Linton can access his exclusive one-on-one interview here.

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