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Evelyn Parrado Is Featured In Industry Elites Interview

Friday, 04 November 2022 12:20 PM

HIALEAH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 4, 2022 / Evelyn Parrado is a popular fashion designer currently making waves in the industry. After obtaining a degree in fashion from the Miami University of Art and Design, Evelyn gained valuable experience working for several well established fashion designers. Her skills and expertise eventually led her to establishing her own business. Now, as an up-and-coming designer, Evelyn is working hard to make a name for herself. She recently sat down to discuss her long-term goals and how she plans to showcase her creativity in her designs. When asked how she has achieved success she states:

"I have achieved success because I get to do what I love every single day. I have always been passionate about design and I love to express myself through fashion. I never thought of it as a viable career option until I started researching programs in Miami. I attended the Miami International University of Art and Design and that experience really opened my eyes to new and exciting opportunities. I obtained my bachelor's degree and immediately started working for local designers. I haven't looked back since."

As someone who views clothes as a form of self-expression, Evelyn is always looking to step outside of the box. By challenging herself creatively, she hopes to inspire individuals to wear clothes that make them feel confident and empowered. Throughout the interview, Evelyn also discusses what obstacles she has overcome on her journey to the top.

"I think the biggest obstacle I have faced to date is having the confidence to trust my instincts. The fashion industry is super competitive and I knew entering the landscape was a risk. However, I knew that I couldn't just sit around and let things happen so I have worked tirelessly to get to where I am today and it most definitely has not been easy. There have been many instances where I have felt like giving up and lacked the confidence to push forward. In those moments you need to find motivation elsewhere and do what you can to get ahead."

With an outstanding work ethic and big dreams, Evelyn is currently designing items for clients overseas and hopes to bring her brand to a major runway in the US.

Those interested in learning more can read the full interview here.

About Evelyn Parrado

Evelyn Parrado is an up and coming fashion designer known for her unique sense of style and focus on everyday casual wear. She studied fashion at the Miami International University of Art and Design and has worked under some of the industry's biggest names. Believing that fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression, Evelyn hopes to one day be featured on a major runway.

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SOURCE: Evelyn Parrado

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