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Indicio Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Tuesday, 01 November 2022 11:05 AM


Partnership enables Google Cloud customers to access open source decentralized identity technology, and integrate and scale verifiable credentials to create immediately actionable, verifiable data

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / November 1, 2022 / Indicio, a pioneer in the market deployment of decentralized identity technology, today announced it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program. Google Cloud customers will now have access to three innovative products that make it easy to deploy and scale open source verifiable credential technology for authenticating and exchanging high-value information.

As a Google Cloud Partner, Indicio offers customers:

  • Indicio ProvenTM, a complete, end-to-end ecosystem for implementing and using open source verifiable credentials to "prove anything." Fully interoperable with other Hyperledger Aries-compatible systems.
  • Indicio Mediator, a key software component that enables verifiable credential use on mobile devices.
  • Indicio NoDe (Node-on-Demand for Hyperledger Indy), an easy and quick way to spin up a validator node for any Hyperledger Indy public or private decentralized network.

"Decentralized identity has long been seen as the solution to the interconnected problems of verification, privacy, and security in digital interaction," said Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio. "With this partnership between Indicio and Google Cloud, and our products in the Google Cloud Marketplace, this technology is now easy to use, deploy, and scale. The opportunities to solve immediate and costly problems around fraud, privacy, and verification are enormous. The opportunities to create new products and services are enormous too - this is a technology for managing devices and machines and accelerating digital transformation across every sector."

Hosted on Google Cloud Platform, Indicio's products are designed to:

  • Provide full software and infrastructure solutions for building and implementing decentralized identity
  • Accelerate an organization's ability to digitally transform its business
  • Make it easy to issue and verify digital verifiable credentials
  • Build verifiable credential solutions within existing infrastructure
  • Rapidly scale verifiable credentials in a cost-effective way
  • Orchestrate IAM for multiple cloud applications
  • Manage identity for devices and machines
  • Easily manage the continuous verification required by Zero Trust
  • Run decentralized identity network infrastructure
  • Build public or private decentralized identity networks
  • Deliver fully open source technology to drive innovation

Product details

Hosted on Google Cloud, or a cloud provider of your choice, Indicio Proven™ is designed to solve critical business problems and accelerate digital transformation by providing a simple and complete way to use open source, decentralized identity technology to verify critical information. Proven contains all the open source components needed to build and host Trusted Digital Ecosystems. Proven removes the learning curve to using open source decentralized identity codebases, and provides users with a fully-owned solution that's easy to integrate with existing systems, build on, and scale. Use Proven to create, exchange, and verify data with unprecedented privacy control and cryptographic security, enable data privacy compliance, and implement the continuous verification required by Zero-Trust. Proven comes with support, upgrades, and Indicio's field-leading training in decentralized and self-sovereign identity technology.

Indicio Mediator makes verifiable credentials work on mobile devices. Hosted on Google Cloud, Indicio's powerful mediator agent is a critical component to any decentralized identity system, making it possible to issue and verify credentials and messages held on devices without fixed IP addresses such as Mobile Agents. Use Indicio Mediator for reliable mediation on any Hyperledger Indy-based network.

Indicio NoDe (Node-on-Demand for Hyperledger Indy) is an easy and quick way to power up a decentralized identity network by simplifying the creation and management of a network validator node, hosted on the Google Cloud. Validator nodes support copies of a distributed ledger, the source of trust in a Trusted Digital Ecosystem. They also support specialized networks for developing, testing, and demonstrating identity products and services. Indicio NoDe is designed to make it easy to create a public or private Hyperledger Indy-based network or participate in an existing network.

Indicio is a leader in the open source and open standards communities, with projects recognized by Constellation Research, KuppingerCole, and IDC. All the company's products are built on open standards defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) and using open source technologies housed at AnonCreds and the Hyperledger Foundation.

Visit us at to learn more about Indicio, its products, training workshops, and support services. Get your Indicio Trusted Digital Ecosystem, hosted on Google Cloud, here.

About Indicio

Indicio is the market leader in developing Trusted Digital Ecosystems, providing companies with the open source software and infrastructure needed to create and share verifiable data and develop trusted, secure relationships. Through its flagship product range, Indicio Proven™, companies now have an easy way to integrate, implement, and scale decentralized identity and verifiable credential solutions, manage data privacy, and avail of enhanced, Zero-Trust enabling security. Specializing in applications for financial, healthcare, and travel markets, Indicio enables its global customers create and use immediately actionable, verifiable data and implement Web 2.0 and Web3 digital transformation.

Helen Garneau
[email protected]

SOURCE: Indicio

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