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One Step Ahead of ICER Assessment: Innopiphany's Sentinnel AI Revolutionizes Value Assessment Readiness

Tuesday, 01 November 2022 10:30 AM

IRVINE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 1, 2022 / Innopiphany, LLC is thrilled to announce the release of its proprietary* predictive software, Sentinnel. This groundbreaking machine-learning application draws from our unique database to forecast a product's likelihood of a future ICER** assessment. ICER is an independent drug pricing watchdog that publishes reports analyzing the value and estimating a price for new treatments.

Drawing from data on clinical and commercial stage products as well as prior ICER assessments, Sentinnel collates multiple clinical and commercial metrics to produce a highly accurate prediction of whether a drug will be assessed. Since not every product or disease area is selected by ICER, this first-of-its-kind technology will empower manufacturers to plan ahead, mitigate risk, and optimize resource allocation.

"Companies will no longer have to guess which products ICER will assess. This tool adds greater certainty in planning and deploying resources," says Dr. Lisa Kennedy, Chief Economist at Innopiphany. Preparation for value assessments and early engagement with ICER are essential for securing a favorable result and for effectively communicating a product's value.

Currently, manufacturers invest hundreds of man-hours and significant budgets to exhaustively analyze ICER's trends with the hopes of anticipating new assessments. Sentinnel will transform that. By gauging a drug's risk of scrutiny from ICER, Sentinnel offers manufacturers the competitive advantage of preparation: how to align internal resources, mobilize teams, and plan for future engagement.

"Product- and portfolio- managers can leverage Sentinnel results to allocate optimal resources and conduct appropriate studies to support a US-based value assessment," explains Innopiphany co-founder Junko Saber. Value assessment is relatively new in the U.S., posing an unfamiliar challenge for manufacturers whose existing models and data may not accurately reflect and apply to this market.

Innopiphany's impressive track record in 60+ ICER engagements includes the removal of products from reports and material changes to ICER Value Frameworks. Supporting manufacturers on ICER assessments since 2015, Innopiphany's years of experience in ICER assessments, ICER readiness, and assessment trend analysis have informed the creation of Sentinnel, the first in a series of innovative real-world evidence tools to expand commercial capabilities. These new launches, coupled with our extensive portfolio of value policy, health economics, real-world evidence, and patient advocacy services, continue to cement Innopiphany's commitment to helping biopharmaceutical companies create and grow new health businesses, expand into new markets, define new service offerings/revenue streams, and stay competitive. To learn more, please visit

* Patent Pending

** Institute for Clinical and Economic Review

Katarina Irwin
[email protected]
Innopiphany LLC.

About Innopiphany
Innopiphany is a leading provider of Real-World Evidence (RWE), Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR), Institute of Clinical Effectiveness (ICER) assessments, market access and commercialization strategy support to biopharmaceutical companies around the world. Through a deep understanding of interactions with health technology assessment bodies such as ICER, Innopiphany empowers clients to develop actionable evidence strategies.

Innopiphany's unique client engagement model allows for rapid, yet high quality on-time delivery. The company continues to invest in innovative products and services that empower its clients to create and grow new health businesses, and to define value with robust real-world evidence. Innopiphany is headquartered in Irvine, CA with offices in New York and in Spain.

SOURCE: Innopiphany

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