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Red Shield Administration Improves Its Online Claims Service

Monday, 24 October 2022 01:20 PM

OVERLAND PARK, KS / ACCESSWIRE / October 24, 2022 / Red Shield Administration recently revamped its website and streamlined the online claims process. Customers are now able to file claims online easily and quickly.

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A picture of a person filing an online claim with Red Shield Administration on their laptop.

Judging by Red Shield Administration reviews, customers are happy with the changes already made, with many reviews lauding the company management for making the changes.

Red Shield Administration has been an industry leader for a while now. The company offers some of the best vehicle protection plans, including electric and exotic vehicle protection plans. With the recent changes, customers can easily file claims online and receive a response immediately.

Red Shield Administration Claims Can Now Be Filed 24/7

With the newly revamped website, customers can now file a claim anytime. This can be at night, during a public holiday, weekend, or in the wee hours of the morning.

Gone are the days when they made unanswered calls or had to visit company offices to file a claim. The company now processes claims entirely online.

Initially, there were some jitters about the completely-online claims process, but customers are quickly warming up to the changes as they bring convenience into their lives.

Once claims are submitted, they are processed based on urgency. Emergency cases are handled immediately, so a staff member will be notified to contact a local partner to offer assistance.

For instance, if you're driving at night and your vehicle breaks down, you only need to submit an online claim and wait for help.

A local partner will be notified to make contact with you. Once that is done, you can expect to get roadside assistance in a couple of minutes. You'll also be given a free rental car until your vehicle is fixed effectively.

Cases not considered emergencies, such as vehicle maintenance, can be handled the next day if they are filed at night. However, a customer service representative will contact the client immediately to respond to their claim and schedule the service at a convenient time.

It is important to note that Red Shield Administration is revamping the whole website, so the tweaks on the online claims service are just a tiny part of the many updates expected on the company website.

According to client reviews, it seems like customers expect more changes to come from the company.

The Need for Vehicle Protection Plans

Many people think that their manufacturer's warranties and comprehensive insurance policies are enough to protect them from liabilities associated with vehicle ownership. The hard truth is that most auto insurance policies and manufacturer warranties have limitations.

They have gaps that can prove costly when your vehicle develops a major mechanical or electrical issue. The best way to cover these gaps is to read the terms and conditions of your warranty and auto insurance and purchase a vehicle protection plan that provides coverage for the liabilities you're exposed to.

Red Shield Administration offers traditional vehicle plans as well as innovative plans, such as the electric vehicle protection plan and the exotic vehicle protection plan.

These plans give drivers peace of mind when driving on public roads. This is because the company will fix any fault their vehicles develop. The company will also sort maintenance and replacement of parts.

Since Red Shield Administration has a wide range of packages, consumers are advised to shop around to find the right plan for their coverage needs. In case no plan matches their coverage needs, there is always the option of creating custom plans to meet the unique needs of different types of clients.

Whatever the case, every plan comes with free roadside assistance and rental car service.

About Red Shield Administration

Red Shield Administration is a vehicle protection plan administration company for auto protection and vehicle service contracts. They help drivers find the right protection for their vehicle to have peace of mind when the owner's manufacturing warranty expires. Red Shield Administration focuses on giving drivers peace of mind, knowing their vehicle is protected, and Red Shield has an easy-to-use online claims service for all clients.

contact: (888) 285-5950

SOURCE: Red Shield Administration

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