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The Fascinating Story Behind the Digital Health Company Kilo Health UAB Kilo Grupe

Monday, 17 October 2022 03:30 AM

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA / ACCESSWIRE / October 17, 2022 / UAB Kilo Grupe was founded in 2013 by a group of friends who decided to create a simple digital nutrition and fitness program. 9 years later, it's a parent company of a global brand Kilo Health, with more than 600 team members and 15+ products in its portfolio. It's both a creator of new companies and an investor in emerging startups.

Where is UAB Kilo Grupe today, and how did it get here? Let's review the key milestones.

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The founding story of Kilo Grupe

It all started in the suburbs of Vilnius, Lithuania. A group of friends, including the Kilo Grupe co-founders Tadas Burgaila and Vytautas Krutulis, wondered if creating and scaling easy-to-use digital wellness programs was possible. They decided to test their idea and create a health and wellness program crafted for a local market.

With thousands of customers, the conclusion was clear: there is a market for such a product, and it may be somewhat larger than Lithuania.

5 years in, they decided to take it to the next level and introduce their ideas to the global market. They had a weekend-long hackathon that resulted in building the first minimal viable product (MVP) version from scratch. This is how Keto Cycle, the nutrition and wellness plan powered by ketogenic nutrition, was born.

First of all, the freshly formed team wanted to ensure there was a clear market fit. They tested multiple strategies to launch the product and listened to the customers' feedback about what worked and what didn't. After many iterations, today, Keto Cycle offers an easily customizable program that considers the person's changing needs.

This formula has proven to be successful. After Keto Cycle's success, the UAB Kilo Grupe team knew they had something special on their hands. After all, digital health programs can only work if they are carefully crafted to fit the person's needs and changes together with the person.

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What products does Kilo Grupe create?

Kilo Grupe has built or invested in more than 15 products over the past few years. Each product operates independently as a separate entity to ensure full ownership and autonomy of the team. To put it simply, Kilo Grupe is a company that creates other companies - and helps them with resources, expertise, and full support.

While it has a fully operational R&D unit that constantly develops new product ideas, it also has launched plenty of its own products and supported multiple other startups along the way.

In-house, UAB Kilo Grupe creates solutions for managing chronic diseases and getting healthy more easily. The products this company develops include diabetes management assistant Klinio, a cardiovascular health manager Cardi.Health, and a leading intermittent fasting app DoFasting. DoFasting was even the number one app in the App Store for a while.

The company has also launched the Kilo Ventures program that helps new companies grow and accelerate their products. Currently, Kilo Ventures has supported a sensor-enabled nutrition coach Tyler Health, vagus nerve stimulating device Pulsetto, or Octomoves weighted ropes for elevated fitness, among other companies.

Each solution is powered by behavioral science and offers a custom-made plan for feeling better quickly.

Kilo Grupe also offers a Co-found program that supports entrepreneurs in their mission to create the next big hit in digital health and wellness. One of the program's flagmen is the running coach Joggo, a company that creates hassle-free jogging programs for beginners.

The key achievements of Kilo Grupe

Kilo Grupe, UAB, Monday, October 17, 2022, Press release picture

Since entering the global market in 2018, the company has rapidly built a customer base across the globe. Today, around 50% of its 4 million customers come from the United States.

In 2022, it was named the second fastest-growing business in Europe (by the Financial Times). Before that, in 2021, the company was listed as the second fastest-growing tech company in Central Europe by Deloitte.

Kilo Grupe is also a member of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance and Matter community.

However, the biggest achievement of the company is the culture it has created and the people it has attracted. UAB Kilo Grupe has offices in 6 European cities, including Vilnius headquarters and a base in Berlin. More than 600 experts work for the company, including leaders in nutrition, fitness, behavioral science, and technology.

The company is well-known for its encouragement of independent thinkers that get full ownership, freedom, and trust at work.

Juste Petraviciute

[email protected]


SOURCE: Kilo Grupe, UAB

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