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Polygon Partners With HAECHI LABS To Accelerate the Onboarding of Korean Gaming Companies to Web3

Monday, 17 October 2022 01:00 AM

Private beta partners of HAECHI LABS' Face Wallet include Nerdy Star, Chrono Games and LINE, while HAECHI Audit boasts over 500 customers worldwide, including 1inch, SushiSwap, Badger DAO, Klaytn and SuperRare

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / October 17, 2022 / Polygon Technology, a developer of Polygon, the Ethereum scaling blockchain protocol supporting Web3 technology for millions of users, today announces a partnership with HAECHI LABS, a leading blockchain wallet company, to accelerate the onboarding of Web2 gaming companies and millions of internet users in Korea to the Web3 space.

Accelerated by the Ethereum Foundation and Samsung, HAECHI LABS is a blockchain wallet and security service provider. Its client base includes not only well-known projects such as 1inch, SushiSwap, Badger DAO, Klaytn, and SuperRare, but also major gaming companies including NetMarble, Com2us, and Neowiz. HAECHI LABS aims to become the gateway for Web2 gaming companies to tap into the Web3 space. To help bring its vision to life, HAECHI LABS recently raised $8.5 million USD through Series A funding at over $200 million USD valuation led by Npartners. Other notable investors included Spring Camp, Naver's early-stage fund, Bass Investment, and Wemade, a prominent Korean gaming company.

As Polygon's major wallet partner, Face Wallet by HAECHI LABS will enable 53,000 dApps on Polygon's network to provide Web2-like onboarding experience to their users. Face Wallet is a non-custodial, in-app, single sign-on wallet designed for users unfamiliar with decentralized services. Users can set up a Polygon wallet using their social credentials (e.g. Google, Facebook or Apple login), with no need to memorize or store seed phrases or private key. Users can also manage their assets within dApps with a 6-digit pin code and can retrieve the password using SMS or OTP verification.

One of the first projects to integrate with Face Wallet is LINE Games' upcoming Web3 title Desperado B218 - a card-based battle game coming out in late 2022. Other private beta partners include LINE DOSI and Chrono Games.

In addition, HAECHI LABS will provide local tech support and Web3 security auditing to Polygon partners in Korea, which is particularly important given the recent string of hacks hitting the crypto industry, amounting to over $2 billion of funds lost this year alone.

Michael Blank, COO Polygon Studios said, "Polygon's speed and scalability, coupled with the truly intuitive user experience of HAECHI LABS' Face Wallet, provides gamers and web2 users a seamless entry into a myriad of dApps and games within Polygon's ecosystem. HAECHI LABS extend web3 security auditing to Polygon's partners in Korea by providing an extra level of security to local developers to build confidence in our ecosystem as we continue to onboard the next billion users to web3."

Geon-gi Moon, Co-CEO of HAECHI LABS, said: "We believe that the barriers to entry for Web3 largely center around an overly technical user experience and a lack of security. Offering our auditing services and onboarding users via Face Wallet is the answer, and by partnering with Polygon, we can bring this product to every user engaging with the ecosystem."


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Founded in 2018 and accelerated by the Ethereum Foundation, HAECHI LABS has been offering Web3 auditing, treasury management wallet, OTC trading services, and now In-Game Single-Sign-On Wallet for over 500 companies and projects around the world. HAECHI LABS has secured & facilitated transactions worth $50B+ for our partners including Samsung, SuperRare, SushiSwap, 1inch, LG, SK, and Indodax. More information can be found on their website here.

SOURCE: Polygon

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