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Marisa Hochberg is the Subject of a New Interview

Tuesday, 18 October 2022 08:00 AM

The Founder of MJHamptons Health and Wellness sat down to discuss her life, her career, and her professional philosophy.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 18, 2022 / It is with great enthusiasm that Marisa Hochberg, Founder of MJHamptons Health and Wellness marketing and branding firm, announces that she is the subject of a new, in-depth interview. The interview, which was conducted by an online periodical aimed at entrepreneurs and businesspeople, was published on October 13, 2022.

At the outset of the piece, Marisa is asked what inspired her to create MJHamptons Health and Wellness. "I grew up going to Montauk and the Hamptons during my summers. In fact, that village served as the setting for where I lost a lot of weight and adopted a healthy lifestyle, so it holds a very special place in my heart," she answers, elaborating, "I bore witness as Montauk changed from a fisherman's village to a very popular travel destination virtually overnight. I watched as tons of influencers and international travelers flocked there, and I saw that there was a lack of wellness programming. There was a lot of art and musical programming in the village, but the wellness trend seemed to stop in the towns before Montauk. I wanted to bring the weight loss tactics that I had used to the village that meant so much to me, so that's where the idea for my company came from. After that, I started getting into more partnerships. Now I work with hospitality and lifestyle brands in addition to wellness brands."

Further along in the interview, Marisa Hochberg addresses a question about a habit she cites as particularly helpful and would recommend to other entrepreneurs, replying, "One thing you really need to do is sit down at least once a week and have a confidence pep talk with yourself. These days, with social media, you see other entrepreneurs or other people talking about how they've accomplished this thing or how they're at this event and it makes you feel like you haven't accomplished enough. But you don't know what's happening with them behind the scenes or beyond the confines of social media. It's important not to compare yourself to others and to take time to look at your accomplishments for the week or month or quarter and pat yourself on the back because nobody else is going to do that for you."

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Anyone interested in reading the interview in its entirety will find it located here, while anyone curious to learn more about Marisa Hochberg or MJHamptons Health and Wellness is invited to visit the marketing and branding firm's official website.

About Marisa Hochberg:

Born and bred on Manhattan's Upper East Side, Marisa Hochberg grew up with a great deal of exposure to the luxury goods and services market. From a young age, she loved to host dinner parties, explore the different brand campaigns in the city on a Sunday afternoon, and share in her parents' extensive network of social contacts. Marisa also loved spending summers in Montauk, New York, a Long Island village that holds special meaning for her.

While attending the prestigious Ramaz School, Marisa was bullied for being overweight. After four difficult years, Marisa was accepted to the University of Michigan where her weight problem was further aggravated, and she also developed a severe case of panic disorder. Upon completing two years at the University of Michigan, Marisa transferred to New York University College of Arts and Sciences. Once back in her home city, she decided to change her life. On her own, she overcame her panic disorder and lost 75 pounds through exercising daily and observing a healthy diet. Much of this weight loss was accomplished in Montauk, New York, where Marisa would spend much time visiting local farm stands to purchase produce, learning to cook healthy meals, exercising outdoors, and enjoying the pastoral settings of The Hamptons.

Marisa then began creating a new professional life for herself. She suddenly had the confidence to attend social events, and she consciously built a fruitful network of contacts. Through social media, Marisa gained followers from across the globe, many of whom reached out and said that because of Marisa's story, they had committed to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Marisa Hochberg currently works for the sales team at The Purest Magazine, where she drives ad sales to their markets in New York City and The Hamptons, as well as Palm Beach, Miami, Aspen, and Los Angeles. She simultaneously owns and operates MJHamptons Health and Wellness, a branding and marketing firm of her own creation that represents a roster of clients ranging from wellness, lifestyle, and hospitality brands to public companies, and focusing on The Hamptons, Aspen, and Miami markets.

Media Contact:

Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Marisa Hochberg

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