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Chameleon Biosciences Presents Poster on AAV Gene Therapy Redosing Success at ESGCT

Tuesday, 11 October 2022 15:05

Chameleon Biosciences Inc.

The European Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ESGCT) Welcomes Chameleon's Animal Study Results Poster at its 29th Annual Conference in Edinburgh, U.K.

BERKELEY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 11, 2022 / - Chameleon Biosciences Inc., a biotechnology company focused on an innovative approach to produce safer, more effective gene therapies, will present "Use of EVADER AAV8 for repeat dosing in mice and non-human primates" in poster form at ESGCT's 29th annual conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.

Chameleon Biosciences' innovative EVADERTM (patent pending) platform utilizes two kinds of naturally-occurring checkpoint immunosuppressive proteins attached to the surface of a lipid bilayer membrane vesicle to effectively reduce the AAV immune response. These immune suppressors are designed to protect AAV particles from a patient's immune system, or effectively "camouflage" AAV gene therapies to trick a patient's immune system into thinking that the gene therapy is not a virus to be attacked and cleared. EVADER in preclinical models showed increased potency, thereby potentially reducing necessary clinical dose levels and resulting in reduced COGs. EVADER's immunosuppressive molecules further reduce the immune response to gene therapy drugs which should translate to greater clinical safety. Finally, the EVADER platform was tested in larger animal models to show feasibility for repeat dosing, potentially allowing physicians the option of administering multiple doses of gene therapy safely and effectively.

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The Chameleon poster presentation describes how EVADER resulted in increased potency and redosing potential for enhanced AAV transduction in mice and in non-human primates. More specifically, mice dosed with EVADER plus AAV, but not those dosed with AAV alone, resulted in:

  • a 3-fold reduction in anti-AAV8 IgG capsid antibodies
  • 60% lower CD4+ T cell infiltrates in the liver

Animals dosed with EVADER versus AAV were also twice as effective at delivering their transgene payloads in both mouse and NHP animal models.

"Our recent results demonstrated the safety and increased efficacy of EVADER treatment in two different animal models," said Genine Winslow, founder and CEO of Chameleon Biosciences. "The results showcase the effectiveness of our immunomodulatory strategy to overcome the immune response to AAV resulting in improved gene therapy efficacy."

This research was completed in connection with the Department of Neurology at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Jackson Laboratory and Charles River Laboratory hosted the studies.

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About Chameleon Biosciences

Chameleon Biosciences is a Berkeley-based biotech developing next-generation adeno-associated virus (AAV) gene therapies combined with EVADER technology. AAV with EVADER has been shown to: a) elicit less immune response in animal models compared to AAV alone, b) result in superior efficacies compared to AAV alone, and c) confer resistance to neutralizing antibodies to dose through antibody levels that prevent efficacy with AAV alone. EVADER technology can be administered along with any AAV, resulting in potentially safer gene therapies, that may be used to treat more patients than could otherwise be treated with AAV gene therapy alone. For more information, visit

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SOURCE: Chameleon Biosciences Inc.

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