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A-1 Auto Transport Names the Seven New Technologies that Could Change the Trucking and Car Shipping Industry Forever

Monday, 10 October 2022 06:20

A-1 Auto Transport, Inc.

From Robotics for Freight Shipping Companies to Devices for the Next Generation of GPS, the Modern Transportation Industries are Definitely Experiencing Noteworthy Shifts

APTOS, CA / A-1 Auto Transport is pleased to announce seven new technologies that they predict will change the trucking and car shipping industry for good.

InterestSpring LLC, Monday, October 10, 2022, Press release picture

To read the newly posted blog about this topic, titled "How 7 Technologies Could Change Trucking Logistics Forever," please visit

As the blog noted, the modern-day transportation and trucking industries are undergoing major and positive shifts, all because of the use of game-changing transportation technology.

For example, as technology continues to advice, robotics is now used extensively in freight shipping companies.

"In some cases, the robots are designed to help with tasks like loading and unloading cargo from trucks. In other instances, they are employed to assist drivers in performing routine maintenance on the equipment," the blog noted, adding that advances in global positioning systems (GPS) will also have an impact on the transportation industry.

"The GPS devices available now are far more adaptable. They not only complete the fundamental functionality of trip planning, but they can also make adaptations for harsh weather, traffic situations, and even your chosen route."

In addition, the blog noted, driverless cars and trucks are expected to be on the road in the near future. As self-driving trucks become more available, there will be increases in safety, a reduction in gasoline emissions, and increased production time for freight shipping companies.

Gyroscopic vehicles, which are sometimes referred to as hovering vehicles, may also have a positive impact on the vehicle transportation industry, thanks to their ability to help with safely hauling freight.

"Because of their size, they are sometimes referred to as gyrocars; however, they are more comparable to current buses or trains," the blog noted.

"A vehicle that can cruise through city streets and even lift its body via built-in stilts to maneuver past traffic congestion without stopping has been envisioned in some of the first conceptualizations of the technology."

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