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Highmark Interactive Signs New Strategic Partnership with Global Concussion Care Network

Thursday, October 6, 2022 4:10 PM
Highmark Interactive Inc.

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / October 6, 2022 / Highmark Interactive Inc. (TSXV:HMRK) ("Highmark"), a global leader in digital health technologies, announces the signing of a strategic partnership with Complete Concussion Management Inc. ("CCMI") one of the world's largest multidisciplinary concussion care networks with more than 450 concussion treatment centers across 3 continents.

Canadian-owned and operated, CCMI is a leader in baseline and post-injury concussion assessment & testing, return to activity management, and treatment of persistent concussion symptoms. CCMI recognized the revolutionary change to managing head injuries upon hearing the mission behind THINK AHEAD Pathways Program ("TAPP"), including the deployment of Highmark's US FDA approved EQ platform, and was the first International organization to join Highmark's Partner Network ("HPN").

TAPP starts directly in the ER with the identification of patients who are stable, but have suffered a head injury, or been involved in a traumatic situation (i.e. motor vehicle collision, slip and fall etc.). If the patient meets criteria for enrollment, upon discharge the patient is sent home with a QR code to scan. That code provides the patient with access to Highmark's EQ platform so that the patient's neurologic scores can be captured as close to the point of an incident. Following discharge from the ER, within two to three (2-3) days, the patient will be virtually assessed by a physician to review their current status and referred for further rehabilitation where appropriate. Subsequently, these patients are referred to Highmark's Partner Network for further care tailored to their specific needs. Dr. Cameron Marshall, CEO of CCMI comments, "Currently, concussion care is extremely fragmented. What Highmark is doing with the TAPP program is closing a major gap in this process which will ultimately result in more timely care, better patient outcomes, and tremendous cost savings. CCMI is excited to be the first major partner of this program."

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, CEO of Highmark notes, "We are excited to be working with CCMI, which has raised the bar with respect to the quality of treatment and rehabilitation of individuals who have suffered head injuries. A recognized leader within the Canadian community rehab market, CCMI's eagerness to join Highmark's Partner Network validates the Highmark's TAPP business model. CCMI will begin by registering 20 clinics in the GTA to start, as Highmark looks forward to gradually rolling our technology out to all 450 of CCMI's clinics."

Highmark expects to generate $3 million of annualized revenue from Phase 1 being completed by the end of 2022. Phase 1 will reach an equal mix of SaaS revenue and clinical services. By the end of 2023, the rollout schedule targets a total of 10 Ontario ERs generating approximately $10 million in annualized revenue, with 75%, at a minimum, being SaaS revenue.

Further information about CCMI can be found at:

About Highmark Interactive

Highmark Interactive was created to change the paradigm of testing and management for brain and mental health. Highmark's approach is focused on providing real-time data to health providers to support proactive, preventative interventions and targeted care planning to improve health outcomes.

In addition to a growing network of virtual, in-person and hybrid clinics. Highmark Interactive offers the world's first gamified, FDA cleared patient-led assessments as well as digital clinician-led assessments of neurofunction and balance. Together. The technology is used in more than 350 health organizations globally.

By unlocking insights, Highmark's platform enables precision medicine and creates a more contemporary model for delivering better outcomes in medical, mental health and rehabilitation services.

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