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USPTO Grants 7 Additional Claims to Reeltime’s Breakthrough VR Patent Under Child Patent

Wednesday, October 5, 2022 8:05 AM
ReelTime Rentals Inc

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2022/ ReelTime VR (OTC PINK:RLTR) confirmed that the Unite States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has notified ReelTime that seven additional claims contained in the continuation patent application for their Parent Patent Previously Issued for the revolutionary Simultaneous Spherical Panorama Image and Video Capturing System (Serial No.: 17/008,153 U.S. Patent Number 10,761,303), have been allowed.

ReelTime Rentals, Inc., Wednesday, October 5, 2022, Press release picture
ReelTime Rentals, Inc., Wednesday, October 5, 2022, Press release picture

The seven additional claims granted in the Child Patent Application significantly broadens the scope of the protections contained in the Parent, strengthen the enforceability against identified infringements, and such claims and disclosures shall benefit from the priority date of the Parent Patent covering apparatus and method claims for technology involving simultaneous capturing of 360 X 360-degree Spherical Panorama Images and Video.

Two additional claims that were originally filed are being amended to adhere to the comments contained in the response and are expected to also be fully granted upon final review of the USPTO.

Barry Henthorn, CEO of ReelTime, stated: "The granting of additional claims under the continuation "Child" patent application have expanded ReelTimes undeniable rights under the previously granted Parent Patent. This is a far-reaching major milestone that further solidifies our position as a holder of a cornerstone aspect of the 360 VR technology. Special thanks to our talented patent team at Bold Patents for accomplishing what they do best."

The Simultaneous Spherical Panorama Image and Video Capturing System (code-named the "Periramascope"), is described in the Parent Patent as a "360-degree image and capturing system having no lenses, a single lens, or a plurality of lenses. The device directs light from a sphere surrounding the device to a single reflected aggregate image that is then transformed into a full 360 X 360 spherical image or any subset thereof…"

Although the original technology allows any cell phone or other camera to instantaneously capture 360 X 360 Virtual Reality Video or pictures without any need for stitching, the patent provides protection from infringement from any capturing of a plurality of images utilizing at least one mirror. The multi-use function of the patent allows for that intellectual property coverage to span a wide range of industries and uses. The term of the patent is far reaching with a scheduled end date of March 23, 2038, 20 years and 247 days from the earliest filing date of the patent.

Continuation patents allow the company or individual to expand upon their initial patent or to cover a market or technology more completely. This additional protection against valuable intellectual property allows companies to better protect themselves against patent infringement. With a more complete coverage of that initial technology or target market via a continuation patent, companies are less susceptible to invalidation during litigation procedures in court related to patent infringement cases. Additionally, continuation patents allow the company to protect the expansion of their ideas dating back to the submission date of the parent patent. For ReelTime's "Periramascope" Patent, this would be an initial patent application date.

About ReelTime Rentals, Inc. d/b/a ReelTime Media:, is a publicly-traded company based in Seattle, WA (OTC PINK:RLTR). ReelTime Media provides end to end production capabilities and discount media purchasing that is redefining how companies are evaluating and purchasing their TV, radio, print, and other new media. ReelTime is also is in the business of developing, producing, and distributing Virtual Reality Content and technologies. We have an end-to-end production, editing, and distribution capabilities for internal and external projects. ReelTime Currently produces three ongoing series for the Samsung Gear VR platform and distributes them over numerous VR delivery portals including Gear VR, Oculus, Veer VR, HTC Vive, YouTube 360, Facebook, and others. ReelTime Media also publishes the book "It Was Always Me Edward Edwards the most Prolific Serial Killer of all time" which has been the subject of a cover story on People Magazine, Rolling Stone, In Touch, and a six-part series on Paramount network,


Barry Henthorn
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SOURCE: ReelTime Rentals, Inc.

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