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Holdr+ for Proven: New Indicio Mobile App Makes it Easy to Share Verifiable Digital Credentials

Tuesday, 04 October 2022 11:05 AM


Connect and communicate actionable, high-value data using decentralized identity technology in a Trusted Digital Ecosystem, with DIDComm protocols and privacy preserving code from Hyperledger Aries Bifold

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / October 4, 2022 / Today, while presenting at Identity Week North America, Indicio, the market leader in developing Trusted Digital Ecosystems (TDEs) for authenticating and exchanging high-value information, announced the launch of Holdr+™, an open source-based mobile application for creating and managing secure connections.

Holdr+ supports Hyperledger Aries-compatible AnonCreds, the most widely-used format for verifiable digital credentials. AnonCreds provide advanced privacy-preserving features for sharing data and secure, private communication channels through the DIDComm messaging protocol. Holdr+ is part of the Indicio Proven™ range of decentralized identity products for creating Trusted Digital Ecosystems to issue, share, and verify data between parties using tamper-proof verifiable credentials in secure, peer-to-peer channels. With no need for complex integrations or third party data storage, trusted data and identities become immediately actionable.

"Proven and Holdr+ make actionable data in business possible," said Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio, in her keynote speech kicking off the Decentralized Identity track at Identity Week North America. "When the source and the integrity of data can be trusted, that data can be immediately acted upon. This is the transformational power of decentralized identity and verifiable credential technology."

"To deliver this technology and scale it, we needed to think big-to see what an internet of free-flowing verifiable data backed by consent looks like," said Dahl. "Our customers saw this future and asked us to build a mobile app that wasn't limited to collecting a single credential from a single issuer that would lock them into a single platform and network. They wanted interoperability and scalability at all levels. With Holdr+, they get this-they get to build and deploy their own Trusted Digital Ecosystems, using open source technology, to interact with other issuers, verifiers, and holders."

Verifiable credentials are a rapidly growing solution to the need for data and digital interactions that can be trusted, whether from people, organizations, devices, or machines. Proven quickly fits verifiable credentials into existing data sharing and identity access and management systems. The value of verifiable credentials increases exponentially when credentials from one ecosystem can be used in other ecosystems and can easily.

"This is why our customers needed Holdr+," said Ken Ebert, CTO of Indicio. "It's a mobile way to connect with and coordinate credentials from different systems that were otherwise unusable outside those systems. With Holdr+, they now have that flexibility. We're focused on Aries-based credentials right now, given that they are the most widely used, but we aim to make Holdr+ a way to use all credentials-either directly or through development contributions from the open source community."

Holdr+ was built using the open source Hyperledger Aries Bifold project. Indicio is a member of the Hyperledger Foundation and an active leader in the Decentralized Identity Foundation DIDComm working group, Hyperledger Indy, and Hyperledger Aries open source communities.

Learn morea bout Holdr+ and Proven here or stop by the Indicio booth at Identity Week America (booth S26) for a live demonstration.

Download Holdr+ today and begin connecting and messaging within a Trusted Digital ecosystem.

Helen Garneau
Indicio, PBC
[email protected]

SOURCE: Indicio

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