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Network to Code Continues Network Automation Market Leadership with New Network Automation as a Service Offering

Tuesday, 04 October 2022 09:00 AM

Network to Code

Network Automation as a Service (NAaaS) Improves the Management and Reliability of Enterprise Networks Through Automation

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 4, 2022 / Network to Code, the global leader in Network Automation services and solutions, announced today the launch of Network Automation as a Service (NAaaS), which combines the most open and extensible Source of Truth with automated workflows deployed and managed by industry experts to ensure the success of your network automation initiatives. By freeing up enterprise teams from firefighting and manual tasks, NAaaS allows organizations to focus their efforts on strategic projects that drive the business forward, opening the door to superior customer experiences, increased innovation and reliability, and an improved security posture.

"Since 2014, Network to Code (NTC) has helped develop network automation strategies for some of the most advanced enterprises in the world," said Jason Edelman, Founder and CTO of Network to Code. "Along the way, we learned that data is at the heart of successful network automation. Enterprises have numerous disparate data sources used to drive their network, and tackling that problem head-on simplifies and accelerates the network automation journey. This is what we solve with Nautobot, a Network Source of Truth specifically catered for network automation deployments and integrations."

Network to Code's NAaaS offering is built off of Nautobot, where the desired state of the network is defined and workflows are executed based on high-quality data coming from all the proper data owners and tools across the Enterprise.

"Nautobot is open source because we've always believed in the NetDevOps philosophy of maximum extensibility and control. Without a platform built with extensibility and control in mind, network automation deployed today will turn into the network management of yesterday," said Edelman.

But a network automation platform is only as valuable as the workflows it enables. In fact, most network automation platforms and tools are not actively monitored, managed, deployed with High Availability, or upgraded. As a result, senior Engineers perform day-to-day automation tasks instead of complex value-added automation activities. This is why Network to Code's Network Automation as a Service is so valuable. It accelerates time-to-value and jump-starts network automation workflows by including Configuration Compliance (Golden Config) and OS Upgrades. Additional workflows can be added on as well from the NTC catalog of workflows.

Network to Code's seasoned team of on-demand automation experts can also assist with nearly any day-to-day automation task, such as updating a script, creating a Job, adding device drivers, or updating a playbook.

This as-a-service offering creates tremendous business value for companies by:

  • Ensuring high-performing networks drive better customer experiences, more revenue, and increased reliability, and also reduce the risk of security threats
  • Increasing innovation and the productivity of your Networking teams
  • Gaining control of your network, as Nautobot maintains the desired state of your network, integrating with all devices, controllers, and clouds, while avoiding the risk of vendor lock-in

"We have always believed in an operations-first approach," said John Marchese, CEO, Network to Code. "Workflows and operations drive network automation strategy, not tools and products. Our NAaaS service allows enterprises to automate their network in a way that is best for them, not best for a vendor."

Network to Code's Network Automation as a Service offering is part of NTC's growing suite of Managed Services.

To learn more about Network to Code's Managed and NAaaS offerings, visit

About Network to Code:

Network to Code is a network automation services and solutions provider that helps companies transform the way their networks are deployed, managed, and consumed. Through managed and professional services, Network to Code enables enterprises across all industries and geographies to deploy data-driven network automation based on NetDevOps principles to improve reliability, efficiency and security while reducing costs.

NTC is the sponsor of Nautobot, an open source Network Source of Truth and Network Automation Platform with a growing ecosystem of integrations and partners. Nautobot is the leading Network Source of Truth for Enterprises looking to adopt a data-driven approach to network automation and a platform that complements any network automation journey.

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