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Vladimir Gersamia Launches Blog

Monday, 03 October 2022 08:00

The successful wholesale product importer and Founder of MMBI Trading debuts a new online journal from which he will communicate his insights and opinions.

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / October 3, 2022 / Vladimir Gersamia, successful wholesale product importer and Founder of MMBI Trading, is proud to announce that his new blog is live on the internet, bolstered by several inaugural entries. The subjects addressed in Vladimir's web-based journal relate to all matters concerning fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)-a topic with which he has extensive professional expertise.

In his latest blog entry, titled How Does the FMCG Sector Operate? Vladimir Gersamia Provides Insight, the Founder of MMBI Trading explains the inner workings of what is, by and large, an industry that does not capture very much media or popular attention. At the outset of the entry, he endeavors to define the fast-moving consumer goods industry in terms the average person can understand. "Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are products that are sold quickly and at a relatively low price. Think of items like food, beverages, toiletries, over-the-counter drugs, and other staples that you typically find in a grocery or convenience store. Because FMCG items have a short shelf life, they need to be replenished frequently, which provides manufacturers with a steady stream of revenue," he writes, before elaborating that "given the nature of FMCG products, companies that produce them must have an efficient supply chain to get the goods to market quickly and at a reasonable cost. This typically involves maintaining extensive inventories and delivering frequent shipments to retailers. In addition, FMCGs are often produced in high volume, which requires economies of scale to be profitable."

In the preceding blog, titled Vladimir Gersamia on What Challenges the FMCG Industry Faces, Vladimir gives a comprehensive rundown of the issues, trends, and pressure points currently confronting companies operating within the FMCG sector currently. "In recent years, consumers have become more aware of their purchasing decisions' environmental impact. They are now looking for more sustainable products with a smaller carbon footprint. Health consciousness is rising, and consumers are now looking for healthier and more natural products. In response to these trends, many FMCG companies have started to introduce new product lines that are more sustainable and health-conscious." Vladimir then goes on to cite Unilever and Nestle as two major brands that are undertaking such measures.

Additionally, some of Vladimir's blog entries are also available translated into Cyrillic in an effort to accommodate those who speak his native language of Russian.

Vladimir Gersamia, Monday, October 3, 2022, Press release picture

Anyone curious to read these blog entries in their entirety will find them located here, while anyone interested in learning more about Vladimir Gersamia is invited to visit his official website.

About Vladimir Gersamia:

Vladimir Gersamia was born in Tblisi, the capital city of Georgia. In 1992, Vladimir relocated to the Netherlands to pursue his education at that country's British School, and in 1998, he enrolled in The Leys School Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Throughout his academic career, he maintained a keen interest in History, winning several awards for his analytical essays, specifically his final dissertation. In 2001, Valdimir Gersamia attended the University of West of England Bristol, studying History and Economics, eventually receiving a BA in History with Honors.

After working as an economic research analyst in emerging markets, in 2016, Vladimir transitioned away from financial markets into the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. He became a product specialist with several large wholesale and retail food companies engaged in international trade, with a concentration on exotic fresh fruits. During this period, Vladimir established strong relationships with buyers and suppliers, especially from South America, that allowed the creation of a multifunctional group focused on trading FMCG products, primarily food and drink.

In 2020, Vladimir Gersamia set up his own business in the wholesale trade of food and food products, MMBI Trading. Under his leadership, the company has created local supply chains and logistics channels for efficient import, local retail, and occasional re-export in Eastern Europe. Currently, Vladimir spends his days overseeing MMBI's operational activity, and is responsible for implementing group vision and strategy. He is fully involved in all group trades, from origination to execution to settlement.

Media Contact:

Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Vladimir Gersamia

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