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A Different Kind of Clean with G's Cleaning: Carpets, Sofas, Floors & Housekeeping Services for the Best Results

Monday, 19 September 2022 10:00 AM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 19, 2022 / Your spaces are a reflection of how your life is. A neat house or room aligns with a neat life or state of mind. Sometimes, cleaning and achieving the perfect order for your house can be difficult. Also, once you have your house perfectly clean, maintaining it can be a challenge as well. G's Cleaning is here to help you to always have your spaces as clean and neat as possible.

G's Cleaning, Monday, September 19, 2022, Press release picture

G's Cleaning is a luxury interior cleaning company. They clean from carpets to sofas, floors, and also provide housekeeping services. Their success has allowed them to work for some social media influencers like Lisa Jacobs, Lindsi Lane and Arielle Charnas. Additionally, they work hand in hand with recognized designers like Josh Goldfarb, Michelle Gerson, Cara Woodhouse and Kelly Rosen.

Their clientele are people who want excellent and reliable service. Being a luxury interior cleaning, there are clients who have custom made pieces in their houses that are not only expensive but they hold a special emotional meaning. In this sense, they require a special service that will clean their pieces and leave it as if it was new. And that's what G's Cleaning is an expert on.

George Mazreku, founder and CEO of the company, got his idea from his mother, who worked for many years as a cleaning lady in the US. He knew how she made people happy after she was done cleaning a home. He knew that if he could implement that work and detail into his craft he could build on it and deliver the same satisfaction.

George's story is one of hard work and dedication. "I was born in Kosovo. I came to the US in 1995 as a Refugee of War from Kosovo. We had nothing, literally. It was all left behind. I grew up in Forest Hills, Queens. I watched my mother and father work everyday to provide somewhat of a decent life. My mother was a housekeeper for 20 years and my father a Building Superintendent. I was mopping floors at 12 years old. Typical immigrant life lived. I can say that none of this was handed to me with a silver spoon" shares George about his past story and what inspired him to open G's Cleaning.

After seeing his parents work so much and so hard for others, cleaning their houses, he realized people did not always show much respect to them because of what they do. George is here to change that with G's Cleaning. He is showing that this job has more to it. It offers an extraordinary cleaning service that nobody else is used to.

In the future, the business is looking to start a Youtube channel to showcase the work they do, the homes they clean and the people they work for. Making what they do more visual goes along with recognizing more how valuable it is. Additionally, they are working on new products for their cleaning line.

Find out more about G's Cleaning services and products to have your house and life as impeccable as possible here.


Paula Henderson
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SOURCE: G's Cleaning

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