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Shoobx and Wealthramp Partner to Give Startup Employees More Clarity For Their Financial Future

Tuesday, 27 September 2022 08:00 AM

The partnership helps startup employees understand the true value of their stock options, equity and personal financial assets.

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / September 27, 2022 / Shoobx, the company that fully automates all startup equity management operations and financings in a single collaborative hub, today announced its partnership with Wealthramp, the fintech company with a mission to connect people to the right fee-only advisor who will help them meet their financial goals. The Shoobx-Wealthramp partnership will provide startup employees more visibility into the value of their financial assets - including their stock options and startup equity.

Shoobx, Inc., Tuesday, September 27, 2022, Press release picture

Attracting and retaining talent is especially crucial for early-stage companies with lean teams and tight budgets. Growing startups can differentiate themselves by offering resources that help employees reach their financial goals, while also providing clarity on equity valuations and stock options.

Wealthramp gives employees at early-stage private companies access to a network of rigorously-vetted, independent fiduciary CFPs, CFAs and CPAs. Employees can select their own advisor and initiate meetings on their own. Wealthramp will never share an employee's personal information without their permission, and there are no calls from pushy salespeople. All Wealthramp advisors operate on a fee-only basis, so they operate with an employee's best interests in mind.

"While there are a lot of financial wellness resources available, they are often broad and don't encompass the realities of startup employee finances," said Jason Furtado, CEO & Co-Founder of Shoobx. "Wealthramp is taking a new approach - bringing relevant, tailored information and experienced experts to startup employees at no cost to the employer. We're excited for our own team to have access as well as the early-stage startup companies we work with."

Shoobx is the only platform that fully automates startup equity financing, including providing unmatched clarity for the company cap table. Private companies that use Shoobx can help ensure that employees better understand their company valuation and the value of their stock options and equity grants.

Together, private companies that take advantage of the Shoobx-Wealthramp partnership will help their employees gain more clarity and visibility into their financial future.

"Especially in the sometimes-uncertain world of early-stage startups, it's important for employees to improve their financial literacy and build confidence in their future," said Pam Krueger, CEO & Founder of Wealthramp. "Companies that partner with Wealthramp and Shoobx will give employees more access and visibility into both their personal wealth and their company-related stock and equity - painting a clear picture of how to achieve their financial goals."

Shoobx's robust network of partners is aligned with their mission to make fundraising and scaling easier for startups, investors, and attorneys. Visit to learn more.

About Shoobx

Shoobx is an equity management company that is reshaping how private companies get started, raise capital and exit. By focusing on data integrity and risk reduction, Shoobx's flexible platform streamlines everything from employee onboarding to issuing equity grants to maintaining a dynamic cap table, enabling companies to grow rapidly while staying financing-ready. Thousands of startup leaders, investors, and attorneys rely on Shoobx to get paperwork right the first time and make legal diligence fast and easy.

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About Wealthramp

Wealthramp is a fintech company with a mission to connect people to the right fee-only advisor who will help them meet their financial goals throughout their life. It's the only advisor matching platform that doesn't sell consumers' information or share without their permission. Every advisor invited to join Wealthramp's network is personally vetted by Founder & CEO Pam Krueger, who has decades of experience in the investment industry and media educating people to never settle for an advisor who doesn't exceed their expectations. Unlike brokers who sell products and earn commissions, the independent fiduciary CFPs, CFAs and CPAs at Wealthramp are legally held to act solely in clients' best interests and have the expertise and characteristics essential to build a relationship with a client that lasts generations.

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SOURCE: Shoobx, Inc.

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