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AirDAO Launches to Bring All DeFi Transactions Under One Roof

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 3:25 PM

Community-owned dApp ecosystem secures $2M in funding with leading Web3 investment firm DWF Labs

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / September 21, 2022 / After months of planning and development, the team at blockchain startup Ambrosus is pleased to announce the launch of their project's groundbreaking new chapter, AirDAO.

AirDAO is a community-owned ecosystem of dApps (decentralized applications) that is powered by its own cutting-edge blockchain, the Ambrosus Network.

Using this underlying technology, AirDAO is building a suite of innovative digital products that are designed to be the most accessible and user-friendly on the market today. By focusing on the experience of the average consumer, these products will bring the benefits of Web3 and cryptocurrency to an entirely new global audience.

The best example of this public-first vision is the AirDAO Dashboard. This is an integrated panel within the AirDAO website allowing their entire collection of dApps to be interacted with through a single UI. No overly-complicated terminology, no unnecessary navigation, just the value of Web3 packaged conveniently and intuitively for the user.

This new chapter has gotten off to a promising start to say the least, with AirDAO already securing a $2 million fundraising deal with leading market-making and Web3 investment firm DWF Labs. Its parent company, Digital Wave Finance, consistently ranks among the top 5 crypto market trading entities by volume. The partnership will see DWF provide market-making services and invest $2 million into the AirDAO ecosystem.


As part of its September 15th launch, AirDAO will also be releasing its initial wave of products. These will form the backbone of the ecosystem and serve as a launching point for further development and growth.

The first of these products, and also the first native AirDAO dApp, is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) called FirepotSwap. Developed by AirDAO's partner Firepot Finance, FirepotSwap will enable users to securely swap AMB and other crypto tokens, to provide liquidity, and to earn boosted rewards by staking their liquidity positions.

Other products in this release serve as key elements of any robust blockchain ecosystem. This includes easy, one-click staking, a network explorer to view individual wallets, tokens, and transactions, and a multichain bridge enabling users to transfer their AMB between other blockchains. The bridge especially will allow AirDAO to grow not only its own ecosystem and user-base, but to also expand onto other networks and collaborate with their projects as well.


As a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), AirDAO's foundation is its community of users and participants.

When the transition to DAO governance occurs, AirDAO community members will be empowered by a series of rules written into the code of the underlying blockchain. This will give them the ability to create proposals and vote on them using their AMB, granting them concrete input on the direction of the ecosystem.

AirDAO is the world's first DAO to encompass an entire Layer-1 blockchain and its dApps, this governance structure gives an unprecedented amount of influence and value to those who actively participate and contribute.

About AirDAO

Formerly known as Ambrosus Ecosystem, AirDAO is a progressive decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governed by its members. It carefully balances hierarchy and democracy in the right blend to ensure a successful, innovative, and long-lasting DAO, giving all community members an equal say in how the organization is run, while also having robust leadership teams in place who are empowered to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Some of its numerous products include AMB-NET, AirDAO Staking, AirDAO Web App, and the AirDAO Bridge, with a tranche of new products and services set to launch over the next 2 years.


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